Key Takeaways:

  1. Active Lifestyle Choices: Learn how staying active, even with low-impact exercises, can significantly boost your health.
  2. Nutritional Awareness: Understand the importance of portion control and nutritious eating in aging.
  3. The Value of Sleep: Discover how sleep plays a crucial role in overall health and recovery.

GetSetUp welcomes Tara Collingwood, a renowned expert in performance nutrition, to share her insights on living energetically during the golden years in Guest Speaker: Tara Collingwood - Nutrition for Active Living. With a career spanning roles at the United States Tennis Association, the Orlando Magic NBA team, and as an author and spokesperson, Tara brings a wealth of knowledge to our community.

Tara's Philosophy: Energy for Passion

Tara's primary focus is to help people maintain the energy needed to pursue their passions, whether it be playing sports, spending time with grandchildren, or any other activity that enriches their lives. 

"These are supposed to be the golden years, and we want to help people live their best lives," Tara asserts.

Three Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle

Tara advocates for a holistic approach to health and wellness so that people can stay active and have the energy they need to follow their passions. 

She emphasizes three key areas of focus to truly improve one’s lifestyle:

  • Stay Active: Daily activity tailored to individual abilities and interests is essential to overall wellness. 
“Try to exercise most days of the week, even if the intensity is reduced as we age. Find something that you enjoy, whether that’s water aerobics or meeting people to go for a walk. If you can’t exercise for as long as you used to, split it between the morning and the afternoon. Just 20-30 minutes a day of raising your heart rate can help to prevent cardiovascular disease.” 
  • Mindful Nutrition: Focus on portion control and the quality of food as caloric needs change with age. 
“How much we are eating, not just what we are eating, is important. We don’t need as many calories as we get older.”
  • Quality Sleep: Understand the importance of sleep in recovery and brain health while avoiding sleep disruptors.
 “Research still says 7-9 hours of sleep is best. It’s important to create good sleep hygiene - a cold, dark, and quiet place. Limiting alcohol can also be key to getting good quality sleep.”

Tara's Expertise and Personal Practices

As a sports dietitian and fitness enthusiast, Tara leads by example. 

“I’m a 5 AM exerciser with a gym in my garage. I do Peloton and Beachbody/Bodi workouts, run and bike outside, and started swimming a few months ago. I try to vary it as I find as I'm getting older. I find that my joints and body can’t keep up with the high intensity.” 

She diversifies her workout and includes weightlifting to help adapt to the changing needs of her body as she ages. Her balanced approach to exercise and nutrition is a testament to her expertise.

Lifelong Learning and Small Changes

Tara emphasizes the importance of keeping the brain active through constant learning and making small, manageable changes in lifestyle. She believes in educating people on the 'why' behind health recommendations to help them understand the long-term benefits of their choices.

“I think that challenging our brain is really important to keep our mental function working well. We need to challenge ourselves and constantly learn to reduce the risk of dementia. When we don't want to learn anymore, we have sort of given up.”

Better health doesn’t have to start with drastic steps, it can start with small changes. 

“Small changes can add up to good health. You don't have to drastically make changes, but starting with a 10-minute walk and adding minutes as you can or going from 0 to 2 fruits is better than none. I try to be actionable and real with my advice to have it be something you can actually apply.”

Why Attend Tara's Presentation?

Tara's session is essential for anyone interested in enhancing their physical health through practical and realistic methods. Focusing on disease prevention and maintaining energy and strength with age, Tara offers a comprehensive guide to nutrition and active living. 

"It's all about feeling good about what you're doing," she says. She will encourage attendees to make sustainable changes for a healthier life.

Join us for an inspiring session Guest Speaker: Tara Collingwood - Nutrition for Active Living, where you'll learn to navigate the challenges of aging with a nourishing diet, effective exercise, and restorative sleep. Register now and take the first step towards a more vibrant and energetic life!

Feb 5, 2024

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