Key Takeaways:

At 67, Annie is enjoying her retirement. She’s ready to enjoy herself and pursue her creative passions. 

“I enjoy painting and have been painting for years. I find it meditative and relaxing. It’s nice to paint in the GetSetUp classes with other people because then I can see what the other people are doing as well.”

While Annie enjoys seeing other painters work on GetSetUp, she prefers to keep hers to herself at this time. She’s currently studying how to bring her art into a digital drawing pad and wants to turn it into a book that has long been on her radar to create. 

“I used to tell my grandkids all kinds of stories. They were just stories I made up as I went along. One night a story for a children's book came to me. My goal is to create a picture book.”

Annie Hope's to get proficient enough to use her own illustrations in the picture book, so she’s learning how to use Adobe and other tools to bring her creation to life. 

“I am really into computers even though sometimes it feels like nothing goes right. I like to learn new tools on GetSetUp, like how to create a website. Even if I don’t plan to create a website, it’s just nice to know how to do it.”

Annie appreciates that classes on GetSetUp are informative and flexible. 

“If I want to learn something, I can. I can rewatch the same sessions too, so I don’t have to store so much information at one time. It’s nice to know it’s always there if I want to do it again.” 

Annie finds the ability to learn online a benefit. She can be at home and take classes and meet people all over the world through her computer.

Sharing important aging resources

Annie learned about GetSetUp when she contacted the Central Vermont Council on Aging. She had heard from her 86-year-old friend about opportunities to get a painting kit from the council and had called to inquire more. While she was learning about that, they also shared with her about GetSetUp. 

“I thought that sounded fun!”

Now she’s planning to share the resource with her friend who recently got an iPad and needs to learn how to use it. She’s planning to share GetSetUp’s hotline and resources with her, so they can explore together since they have been sharing information and ideas since 1982! 

GetSetUp has also allowed Annie to explore some topics she has been interested in like learning how to find remote job opportunities that utilize her skills. 

“Kevin teaches about jobs online and he’s one awesome teacher! I’m a natural coach for other people. I love to help people succeed. I would love to do this book and do painting videos to teach people how to paint and succeed.”

Annie is interested in exploring a variety of topics moving forward. Due to her health, she’s not much of a traveler but enjoys exploring different destinations through GetSetUp travel classes. 

“There are so many things that I could sit down and watch on GetSetUp. I think this is a great program, and I really like it!”

And while she hasn’t done any of the exercise classes yet, she knows it would be good for her to start. She’s considering beginning with a yoga class. 

Annie knows that a lot of people are home alone and need human contact for physical and mental health. She plans to participate more in the GetSetUp Club to socialize with more people on the platform.

“GetSetUp is helping people keep healthier physically and mentally. Sometimes I go for days in a row and I'm alone day and night. I know I can’t be the only one, and we all need connections. GetSetUp is a safe environment where people don't want to scam or exploit you. The people who teach and are in the classes are all really nice and interesting. Many Learners say things that are interesting, and you get to learn from them.”
Oct 9, 2022
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