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Have you ever wondered how to make Instagram a fun-filled interactive activity with family and friends?

If you are an expert on Instagram, why not use your Instagram to join in some fun with your family and friends? (Not an expert yet? No problem take a class to help you get set up.)

You don’t have to be just passively absorbing the content of others when you use Instagram. Why not consider some of these fun challenges to engage your Instagram friends and family?

10 Fun-filled family and friend challenges on Instagram

  1. Bear Hunts — Bear hunts, where people put teddy bears in windows, have been uniting neighborhoods as families drive through them to hunt for bears. Why not create Instagram photos and hide a bear(s) in the image and see if your friends and family can find the bear(s)? As you post be sure to use #bearhunt and #teddybears in your description.
  2. Recreate Famous Art — Recreating famous artwork with what people have at home has become a famous quarantine pastime. You can see great examples from others by following the hashtags #gettychallenge and #tussenkunstenquarantaine. Why not pick a famous artwork then compete with your friends and family to see who can create the best re-creation from just the items in their home?
  3. Film Challenge — If artwork isn’t your pastime, try to recreate famous scenes from your favorite films as a challenge with friends and family.
  4. Workout Challenge- Do you need motivation to stay active? Why not take on a week-long or 30-day fitness challenge with friends or family? Post your Instagram ‘proof’ of challenge completion as an Instagram story or send it to friends. Try an Ab Challenge, Plank Challenge, Squat Challenge, or other Fitness Challenges.
  5. Dance Challenge — Challenge your friends and family to a dance challenge which you can find at #dancechallenge or invite them to a virtual dance party.
  6. Gesture Challenge — If you aren’t into dancing why not try a gesture pattern challenge. You can film and share with others to see who can create the best one!
  7. Share Great Memories — #tbt (Throw Back Thursday) became a popular time for people to post pictures from the past. However, you can post a memory from the past at any point, or challenge those close to you to post around a theme like — love, friendship, happiness, etc.
  8. Bingo Challenge- Pick a bingo challenge and see who can complete it first! You can find these on Instagram or create your own on a 5x5 table with great Bingo ideas inside. Share them on Instagram than for others to do.
  9. Makeup Challenge — Do a makeup challenge! See who is the scariest zombie or who can look the best in a blue dress. Film the makeup tutorial used as you did the makeup to win the challenge — then share your success on Instagram.
  10. Post a Fashion Show — Pick an era and see who can create the best outfit to share from that era. Or create a photo series style fashion line to show off a theme. Then share with your Instagram followers.

There are lots of great fun interactive ways to use Instagram. If you aren’t sure join the Share Photos on Instagram — Why it’s so Popular class to learn more! Which challenge will you be trying next?

Jun 26, 2022

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