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Social media shops can be daunting for small businesses. Here we tackle some basic methods of social media photography while attracting organic traffic.

Starting a social media shop is simple. Follow these links to easily create a shop on a platform of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok). However, effective selling and marketing in your social media shop are not so simple. Two-thirds of shoppers use social media as part of their shopping strategy, so creating a helpful and captivating shop account is fundamental for most businesses. Here, we will examine some tools and tricks to help your social shop generate leads and sales.

First and foremost, visuals are everything. A picture is truly worth a thousand words on social media. MIT found that people can process images in 13 milliseconds, which means social media users can consume content quickly. Thus, the image needs to be thought-provoking. Make them slow their scroll. Though it may seem daunting, creating enthralling photos and videos will be easier with a few tricks. Luckily, you need nothing more than your smartphone to capture images worth a click to your website. 

When taking photos on your phone, first make sure the lens is clean. There are various clothes and brushes designed for this exact task. However, a Q-tip dabbed with distilled water will also do the trick. Next, set up gridlines. Gridlines are an easy way to make sure photos are centered and balanced.

To set up grid lines on your iPhone:

1. Click on the settings app

2. Scroll down until you see "Camera."

3. Click on it, and a variety of options will appear

4. Find the option that says "Grid" and switch it on

For Samsung users:

1. Enter the camera app

2. Press "Settings"

3. Switch the "Grid Lines" feature on

Now go to your camera app, and use the gridlines to snap beautifully balanced photos. A second easy rule of thumb is ensuring the sun or light source is behind the photographer. This way, natural lighting plays in your favor, and there are few shadows on your subject. Alternatively, you can play with the shadows as part of the intrigue of your photographs. For examples of pictures that use unconventional lighting, click here. If you are the photo's subject, consider using a timer on your iPhone or Samsung. Next, set the phone on a tripod or against a water bottle and start the timer. Another great way to capture breathtaking photos is to ensure the camera is focused. Press and hold where you would like the camera to focus on an iPhone. Then you can drag your finger up and down to adjust the exposure. Taking photo bursts is also a great way to capture captivating photos that potential customers enjoy.

If photography is just not for you, don't worry. Your social media shop can still draw customers in through stock photos. For free stock photography from artists worldwide, visit Unsplash, Vecteezy, and Pexels. Some photos recommend an attribution or shout out to the artist for usage. You can also add text and graphics for free using Canva. Whatever image you use, just make sure it is fitting and intriguing. Shoot photos from different angles, through the rolled-up pages of a book, underwater, or with fun shadow work. We want readers to slow their scroll to absorb your valuable information and consider purchasing your products. Quality photos and videos are a convenient way to achieve this end.

Once you are ready to upload your image to your social media shop, make a relevant caption. This part is less important than your photo, so don't worry too much. Just be sure to include a call to action. Give viewers the next step: a link, a "comment below," or "check out the rest of our posts." Run your caption through a free editor like Grammarly to catch any mistakes. 

Lastly, before posting, add a hashtag to make it easier for people to locate and come across your posts organically. Organic traffic to your content is highly advantageous. Why? Because it's free. Another way to gain organic traffic is to tag other businesses or accounts that you work alongside. Tagging is a simple and easy way to support each other. 

Now, your post is good to go! Social media is a beast that takes time to conquer, and even then, it's constantly changing, so stay encouraged. A promotion that reaches 15 people is better than no promotion at all.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with for your social media shop. To master more skills that can benefit your business, learn technology with Lee Weingberg, photography with Scott Sleek, and business with Kevin Miller.

Jun 26, 2022
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