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About Us

Our Vision

A world where opportunity for growth exists for everyone at any stage of life.

Our Mission

To create an online platform that celebrates every older adult, offering opportunities for physical, mental, and social growth and enabling participation in communities with a renewed sense of joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

Our Core Values

Be Empowering

Every day we create change to enable active agers to live their best lives.

Be Curious

We are lifelong learners with a constant hunger for knowledge, and genuine interest in learning from each other.

Be Hospitable

A welcoming community where everyone feels supported to work and grow in a non-judgemental environment.

Be Bold

We embrace taking risks and making mistakes, and relish the uncertainty of being an explorer.

Building a future-ready infrastructure for the aging population

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By offering a wide range of educational and well-being programs, we empower older adults with the knowledge and skills they need to live fulfilling lives.

To scale this vision we built a robust tech platform that seamlessly integrates with the existing infrastructure of ISPs, AAAs, Departments of Aging, health plans, and media organizations that serve the aging population. This strategic investment in our tech platform allows us to create a comprehensive support system for older adults.

At GetSetUp, we believe that the current aging infrastructure, both globally and in the US, is not equipped to meet the growing demands of the aging population. Every service—from fitness, mental health, financial literacy to preventive health and commerce—needs to be reimagined to ensure equity and accessibility. Our mission is to build that infrastructure, starting with the first essential layer of this infrastructure: education.

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The final layer in this infrastructure involves aggregating all the products and services that the aging population will need for the next phase of their lives.

This will include services around commerce, travel, health, legal, finance, technology and caregiving, available directly to consumers or through our partners. By building this infrastructure, we aim to support Health plans, government agencies, and other service providers in meeting the diverse needs of the aging population, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

As we continue to innovate, we are developing the next layer of this infrastructure, leveraging AI to enhance connectivity and support for the aging population. Our AI-driven solutions will further personalize learning experiences, connect users with relevant services, and provide real-time support, ensuring that older adults receive the comprehensive care and resources they need.

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