Bridging the Digital Divide

GetSetUp’s Digital Literacy Program bridges the digital divide by offering a wide range of interactive, hands-on classes specifically designed for older adults. Through strategic partnerships and a supportive learning environment, our program empowers learners to gain essential digital skills, enhance their economic opportunities, and stay connected with their communities.

What we Offer

Our diverse range of classes caters to learners at all levels of digital proficiency:

  • Basic Computer Skills: Courses like "From Novice to Tech Savvy: Computer Skills for Beginners" help learners build a solid foundation in using computers and navigating the internet.
  • Productivity Tools: Classes such as "Sharing & Collaborating with Google Tools" and "Mastering Microsoft Office" equip learners with the skills to use essential software for personal and professional tasks.
  • Internet Safety and Security: We offer courses on staying safe online, protecting personal information, and understanding cybersecurity basics.
  • Social Media and Communication: Our classes on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Zoom help learners stay connected with family, friends, and communities.
  • Specialized Skills: For those looking to expand their horizons, we offer classes in areas like online banking, digital photography, and managing health records online.

What is the Impact?

The impact of our Digital Literacy Program is profound and far-reaching:

  • Economic Empowerment: Our learners gain the skills needed to secure employment, start businesses, and increase their earning potential.
  • Increased Independence: Digital literacy allows older adults to perform everyday tasks online, from managing finances to accessing healthcare services.
  • Enhanced Social Connection: By learning to use social media and communication tools, our learners stay connected with loved ones and their communities, reducing feelings of isolation.
  • Improved Quality of Life: The confidence and skills gained from our classes enable older adults to engage more fully with the digital world, enhancing their overall quality of life.