All-in-One Engagement Platform

We turn the complexity of building an interactive content platform for seniors into simple low-code/no-code solutions.

GetSetUp Learning Platform
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Easy to deploy

Our tech platform is meticulously designed with Active Agers in mind, ensuring a frictionless and engaging experience for consuming Live, On-Demand, and Short-format Video content around the clock.

We offer our partners two powerful ways to bring this dynamic platform to their members, providing endless opportunities for learning, connection, and growth.

e-Learning Channel Hosted on GetSetUp

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This option allows partners to have a no-code solution where we build an e-learning channel for you on

Partners can direct their members to that URL.
Partners can curate classes they want their members to see
Partners can build custom classes and offer it on the platform.


Embedded on Partner site.

GetSetUp Partner Aol
GetSetUp Partner CenturyLink
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This option allows partners to have a low-code solution where we give your IT team 5 lines of code to embed on your website.

Partners can keep their members engaged on their website itself.
Partners can curate classes they want their members to see
Partners can build custom classes and offer it on the platform.

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Platform Features

We made our platform so that new users can discover and participate in activities that support independent living, mental health, digital literacy, social connectedness and more.

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Social Learning With Peers

Members learn together and interact using voice & chat, fostering social connectedness.

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Class Assistants Powered By AI

Members can engage with our AI to find services, products and programs relevant to the class topic.

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Customized Reminders

In-class notification system to deliver targeted reminders to members about "Health Checkups," "Home Visits," and other important actions.

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In-class widgets to collect data while users are actively participating and engaged. This ensures higher response rates and more accurate data collection.

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Data To Incentivize Member Rewards

By tracking participation in classes, chats and other engagement tools, partner can create incentive programs that recognize and encourage user retention.

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Class Notes

Easy access to additional class notes is available to users in chat and email.

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Moderated Chat

Our platform offers moderated chat for real-time class interactions, adding a social dimension to digital content, helping users discover and build communities while filtering out unwanted conversations for a positive experience.

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Integrated Email Reminders

Booking reminders, class notes, promotional emails are all integrated into our platform so partners don't have to build their own systems.