Creating Healthy Habits

GetSetUp’s Senior Nutrition Program is designed to help older adults make healthier dietary choices, manage chronic conditions, and enhance their quality of life. Aligned with SNAP-Ed goals, our classes offer practical, evidence-based education in areas such as healthy cooking, reading nutritional labels, and mindful eating. Through strategic partnerships with healthcare providers, community centers, and nonprofits, we ensure our program reaches those who need them most, fostering a proactive approach to wellness and food resource management.

What we Offer

Our program offers a variety of classes tailored to meet the nutritional needs of older adults and align with SNAP-Ed goals:

  • Healthy Cooking: Classes like "Cooking for One or Two" and "Quick and Healthy Meals" teach participants how to prepare nutritious meals that are easy to make and delicious, promoting healthier food choices.
  • Nutrition Basics: Courses such as "Understanding Nutritional Labels" and "Essential Nutrients for Seniors" provide foundational knowledge on essential vitamins, minerals, and how to read food labels effectively in order to support improved nutrition.
  • Special Dietary Needs: We offer classes like "Managing Diabetes Through Diet" and "Heart-Healthy Eating" that focus on specific dietary requirements for managing chronic health conditions and ultimately promote better health outcomes.
  • Grocery Shopping Tips: Our "Smart Shopping for Seniors" class provides practical advice on how to make healthy choices while grocery shopping, including budget-friendly tips and meal planning, aligning with the goal of food resource management.
  • Mindful Eating: Classes such as "Mindful Eating for Better Health" emphasize the importance of mindful eating habits and how they can positively impact overall wellness.

What is the Impact?

Our program equips older adults with the tools to make healthier dietary choices and also promotes a proactive approach to wellness, ensuring they can enjoy a vibrant and active life

  • Improved Health Outcomes: Participants learn to make healthier food choices, leading to better management of chronic conditions and overall improved health.
  • Increased Knowledge and Confidence: Learners gain a deeper understanding of nutrition and how to apply this knowledge in their daily lives, boosting their confidence in making dietary decisions.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Good nutrition contributes to improved energy levels, mental clarity, and overall well-being, enabling older adults to enjoy a higher quality of life.
  • Community and Support: Our interactive classes foster a sense of community, providing learners with peer support and encouragement, which is vital for maintaining motivation and implementing healthy eating habits.
Linda, Ohio" The cooking demo classes are incredibly informative and practical. I’ve learned how to prepare nutritious meals on a budget, understand food labels, and manage my diabetes through diet."