Community Policies

At GetSetUp, we are a global community of dynamic agers driven by our core values: Curiosity, Hospitality, Empowerment, and Boldness.

Getting started

At GetSetUp, we created a safe, social, and interactive learning environment specially designed for older adults, with classes available around the clock. Whether you are looking to get better at using technology, or have a specific project in mind, whatever your background, experience or education there is something on GetSetUp for you. Within our secure, all-embracing, and respectful environment, we cultivate both learning and socialization.

Each member of the GetSetUp community is expected to adhere to the standards laid out here. Our Community Code and Guidelines are consistently refined to align with the progression of our vibrant community. Should you have insights or inquiries regarding these guidelines, kindly reach out to us at

Community Code

To cultivate an enriching atmosphere for every GetSetUp member, all individuals pledge to embody the GetSetUp Code:

As a contributor to the GetSetUp community, I commit to engaging in ways that ensure the community remains secure, inclusive, and respectful for all.

As a member of the GetSetUp community, I will participate in a manner that keeps the community safe, inclusive and respectful for all.



Don't share confidential information, always report unsafe behaviors



Welcome others, including new or different perspectives



Treat people with kindness, respect for different views and be careful not to disrupt the class

Community Guidelines

As members of the Community, we consistently:

  • Display empathy and extend kindness.
  • Manifest respect for diverse opinions and perspectives.
  • Employ language that welcomes and encompasses everyone.

We do not tolerate

  • Bullying or harassment, the use of profanity, hate speech, insults, or any form of abusive, violent, or discriminatory behavior.
  • Disruptive conduct that hinders fellow members' learning experiences.
  • The promotion or selling of products or services. While sharing tips or resources is encouraged, direct sales, product pushing, or unauthorized fundraising are not permitted.

Ours is a community of learners, fostering open dialogues and varied viewpoints. However, deliberate distortion of facts is not permissible.

Confidential information is not for sharing. Upholding community safety, we refrain from disclosing financial details, social security numbers, sensitive personal information, or any data that should not be public.

How to report inappropriate behavior

If you feel uncomfortable or are experiencing objectionable behaviors while on GetSetUp, let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at We will review your report immediately, and the GetSetUp team will respond as promptly as possible.


Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our community. We will investigate any violation against our Community Code and Guidelines. Minor first offenses will receive a warning. Those with severe or repeated offenses will be banned from the community. ​