Enhancing the Member Experience

GetSetUp’s Member Engagement Program helps Health plans boost member engagement by offering tailored classes on digital onboarding and plan navigation. By creating custom content that helps members use plan websites and mobile apps, and by curating daily activities such as fitness and mental wellness, we ensure that members stay engaged throughout the year.

What we Offer

  • High-Frequency Orientation Classes: We conduct member orientation classes 5-6 times a day, providing frequent opportunities for new members to get acquainted with their benefits and how to navigate their MA plan’s digital platforms. This high-frequency model ensures that all members have ample opportunity to participate and learn at their convenience.
  • Customized Content for MA Plans: We can create tailored orientation programs specifically designed for health plan members.  These programs can include step-by-step guides on how to use plan websites, mobile apps, and telehealth services, making it easy for members to access and utilize their benefits.
  • Digital Onboarding: We can develop comprehensive digital onboarding programs that introduce new members to their health plan’s digital tools, ensuring they know how to navigate the website, use mobile apps, and access telehealth services.
  • Continuous Engagement: Beyond onboarding, we offer ongoing classes and activities that keep members engaged year-round. These include daily fitness routines, mental wellness sessions, and practical health management classes, all of which encourage continuous interaction with the plan’s resources.
  • Plan Navigation:
    • "Finding and Using Your Plan’s Benefits" helps members locate and understand the benefits available to them.
    • "Managing Your Health Records Online" provides instruction on accessing and managing personal health information.

What is the Impact?

  1. Increased Member Engagement: Continuous interaction with plan resources and benefits through digital tools and daily activities.
  2. Improved Member Satisfaction: Enhanced understanding and utilization of plan benefits lead to higher satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Reduced HealthcaeCosts: Better health management and preventive care reduce the need for expensive medical interventions.