Enhanced Independence

GetSetUp’s Fall Prevention Program empowers older adults with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent falls and maintain independence. Through interactive classes covering balance exercises, home safety, and practical fall prevention strategies, learners gain the confidence and tools to live securely and actively.

What we Offer

Our program offers a variety of classes designed to empower learners with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent falls:

  • Balance and Strength Training: Classes such as "Balance Basics" and "Strength Training for Stability" focus on exercises that enhance balance, coordination, and muscle strength, all critical factors in preventing falls.
  • Home Safety: Our "Home Safety Tips" class provides practical advice on how to modify living spaces to reduce fall hazards, from securing loose rugs to improving lighting.
  • Fall Prevention Strategies: Courses like "Everyday Fall Prevention Techniques" teach learners simple, effective strategies to prevent falls in daily activities, including proper footwear choices and safe movement techniques.
  • Mobility Aids and Assistive Devices: We offer classes on selecting and using mobility aids like canes and walkers correctly to enhance stability and safety.

What is the Impact?

Our Fall Prevention Classes has been taken by over 254,000 users in 2023-24. The impact of the class includes:

  • Increased Safety and Independence: Learners gain the skills and knowledge needed to prevent falls, allowing them to live more safely and independently.
  • Improved Physical Health: Regular participation in balance and strength training classes leads to better overall physical health and reduced risk of injury.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life: With increased confidence and reduced fear of falling, older adults can engage more fully in their daily activities and social interactions.
  • Community and Support: Our interactive classes foster a sense of community, providing learners with peer support and encouragement, which is vital for maintaining motivation and implementing fall prevention strategies.
Susan, New York "The home safety tips class I took from GetSetUp’s Fall Prevention Program have made such a difference. I’ve made simple changes around my house that have significantly reduced my risk of falling. I feel safer and more secure in my own home."