How GetSetUp and SilverSneakers Changed One Minnesota Resident's Life

How GetSetUp and SilverSneakers Changed One Minnesota Resident's Life
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Julia, a Minnesota resident, has found a new lease on life thanks to GetSetUp, which she discovered through SilverSneakers.

“A year ago, I got on Medicare. It was the best thing I did, going from my employer's healthcare to Medicare because GetSetUp was part of SilverSneakers.”

Julia is still working 32 hours a week remotely and takes GetSetUp classes to help break up the isolation she sometimes feels. When she realized not all the classes on GetSetUp were covered by her plan, she reached out to GetSetUp and was given a scholarship, which she's very grateful for.

“I take at least one class a week, I love the variety, and the teachers are excellent. Best of all it’s fun.”

Julia initially wanted to take a yoga class but ended up taking other classes because of timing. She particularly enjoys the paper folding class, which has given her a new way to reuse old books.

“I have always loved old books and hate to throw books away. Sometimes I have bought a book from a book club and didn’t want to throw it away or pass it on as it wasn’t very good. Now I’m using them to learn my different folds. It is so relaxing, and you can do it anywhere and time. Once you finish folding the book, you have something creative that was cost-effective and relaxing to accomplish.”

Simple to find classes and pop in to learn

She loves the length of the classes, which are perfect for her, and appreciates being able to access class notes after she participates.

“The variety of classes is just huge. I could do just GetSetUp and nothing else. I’m trying to be careful so that I don’t do too many classes at once. I want to pace myself and diversify my hobbies.”

Julia was able to navigate the website and register for the new member orientation class. She took the GetSetUp New Member Orientation and was able to navigate and start signing up for classes right from there.

“It was so clear how to do things and navigate. Now I go right to my calendar to see what I have on for this week. Then I look to see what classes are available that I can pop in. I appreciate that if I want to pop in to check out a class, I don’t have to make a commitment. I don’t have to pay or schedule. I can take 10 or 15 minutes to learn something that piques my interest.”

Connecting with people remotely and breaking the isolation

Julia's work is done online, and GetSetUp has provided her with an opportunity to participate in classes during her off hours, breaking the isolation that often comes with remote work.

“I can be working and still have my class going on and just be listening. It’s no different than listening to a podcast. Then you can be with other people too.”

She has particularly enjoyed the cooking and art journaling classes. She lives in the country and would not have been able to participate in this type of class otherwise.

For Julia, the isolation factor is a significant benefit of GetSetUp; whether it’s chatting in the comments or through the video chat, she believes classes help decrease her social isolation.

“I think the isolation factor is something for me; even if a class is a recorded class it is like I’m with that person. I’m not so isolated, and I’ll tell you, nowadays you don’t even know your neighbor. People don’t know people like you used to. These classes give me a break from isolation. They let me know I’m not the only person in the world. Even if I’m typing in the comments, other people are responding back to me. I think that’s a health benefit for me.”

She also appreciates the privacy of watching classes in the browser, although she's had no problems using the Zoom platform for a cooking class.

“Even if I’m watching class in the browser, I’m still responded to in the class. You still feel a part of the class. Classes are very well balanced in that way.”

One of her favorite classes is an Art Journaling  group that meets regularly.

“I’m also really enjoying the art journaling class. It is just so laid back, and that’s been great getting together with other people for it. I live out in the country, and I wouldn’t be able to do this otherwise.”

She thinks GetSetUp has done a fantastic job of starting small and expanding, and she's told many people about it.

“I have not made a friend yet on the platform since it’s just been a few months, but that is my intention at some points since the social thing is important. Right now I’m busy traveling for work, crocheting for charity, but in the future, I think I spend more social time with GetSetUp learners.”

Staying active and engaged

Julia has found that GetSetUp has been a great way to keep her brain active and stay engaged. She's impressed with the quality of the platform and would gladly talk to insurance companies about offering it as a benefit. She's even recommended it to her employer, as she thinks it would be healthy for employees to have access to it.

“I can’t remember what my class is tomorrow, but I’m excited. I would rather do a GetSetUp class than a game on my phone as I want to do something that is going to keep my brain going.”

Overall, Julia is grateful for the opportunity to take classes on GetSetUp through SilverSneakers and feels that it has improved her quality of life. She appreciates the variety of classes and excellent teachers and has enjoyed meeting new people. GetSetUp has provided her with an opportunity to break the isolation that often comes with remote work and has given her a new way to stay engaged and keep her brain active.