Decreasing Social Isolation

At GetSetUp, our Social Connectedness Program is designed to enhance the social inclusion and volunteerism of older adults. Recognizing the importance of social interaction and community engagement for overall well-being, our program provides a range of classes and activities that help older adults stay connected, active, and involved in their communities. We particularly focus on priority populations, including those who live alone, in rural areas, or with low income, as well as immigrants and refugees.

What we Offer?

What is the Impact?

GetSetUp’s Social Connectedness Program focuses on improving social inclusion and increasing volunteerism among older adults. Our program provides classes and activities that encourage physical activity, community engagement, and self-management. By targeting priority populations, such as those living alone, in rural areas, or with low income, we aim to reduce feelings of isolation and enhance community involvement, aligning with public health objectives to improve social and health outcomes for older adults.

What we Offer

Our program includes a variety of classes and activities that foster social connections and encourage volunteerism:

  • Physical Activity: Classes like "Morning Fitness - Let's Get Moving" and "Tai Chi - Shibashi" promote physical health and provide opportunities for social interaction through group exercises.
  • Community-Led Sessions: These social sessions are In-person video sessions taught by volunteer instructors who are passionate about teaching.
  • Community Engagement and Social Supports: Courses such as "Community Volunteering: How to Get Involved" and "Creating Social Networks" help participants find and engage in local volunteer opportunities and build supportive social networks.
  • Self-Management and Prevention: "Self-Advocacy in Healthcare" and "Managing Chronic Conditions" teach skills that enable older adults to manage their health and maintain their independence, fostering a sense of empowerment and community involvement.
  • Civic Participation: "Civic Pathways" offers guidance on how to participate in local government and community initiatives, encouraging active citizenship and volunteerism.
  • Service Opportunities: Classes like "Finding the Right Volunteer Opportunity" connect older adults with service opportunities that match their interests and skills, promoting ongoing community engagement.
  • GetSetUp also allows members to host Social Hours on our platform. This helps members connect with other like minded individuals and helps reduce a sense of isolation.

What is the Impact?

  • Improved Social Inclusion: Participants report feeling less isolated and more connected to their communities, leading to enhanced emotional and mental well-being.
  • Increased Volunteerism: By engaging in volunteer activities, older adults experience a greater sense of purpose and contribution, which positively impacts their overall quality of life.
  • Enhanced Community Engagement: Through our classes, participants build supportive social networks and actively engage in community activities, promoting a sense of belonging and community cohesion.
  • Better Health Outcomes: Socially connected individuals often experience better physical and mental health, reducing the risk of depression and other health issues associated with isolation.
  • Empowered Priority Populations: By targeting older adults with low income, low educational attainment, disabilities, and those who are immigrants or refugees, our program helps bridge social and health disparities, fostering equity and inclusion.