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Jun 27, 2024

GetSetUp Announces Strategic Collaboration with States to Enhance Digital Inclusion

GetSetUp Announces Strategic Collaboration with States to Enhance Digital Inclusion
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Over the past three years, GetSetUp has been instrumental in bridging the digital divide through its successful collaborations with States, Area Agencies on Aging (AAA), and Departments of Aging. By providing targeted educational resources and classes designed for older adults, GetSetUp has actively contributed to enhancing digital literacy and fostering online safety among the aging population. In response to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA) launch of the Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program, a $1.44 billion investment in digital inclusion, GetSetUp is enhancing its offerings to align with this initiative's goals. This expansion reflects GetSetUp's dedication to advancing digital proficiency for older Americans across the nation, focusing on supporting states, territories, and tribal governments and bridging the digital divide.

With a comprehensive catalog of classes focused on digital literacy, online safety, health and wellness, and more, GetSetUp provides tailored educational content that can directly support the goals of grant participants. Our expert-led classes offer an engaging learning experience that empowers learners to acquire the skills needed to navigate and succeed in today's digital world.

Key Offerings Aligned with the Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program:

Economic Development: GetSetUp is uniquely positioned to boost economic development through its targeted job skills and workforce development classes. Our resources include classes like "Digital Tools for Job Searching" and "Mastering Digital Communication in the Workplace," designed to upskill older adults for today's digital economy.

Online Access to Health & Mental Wellness Programs: Recognizing the essential role of technology in managing health, GetSetUp offers an array of classes that facilitate online access to health and mental wellness programs. From "Telehealth Navigation" to "Digital Tools for Health Improvement," we're committed to improving healthcare accessibility and literacy.

Digital Literacy, Online Safety, and Privacy: At the heart of GetSetUp's offerings is a robust digital literacy curriculum that emphasizes online safety and privacy. Classes such as "Protecting Your Online Identity" and "Recognizing Phishing Scams" ensure that older adults can navigate the digital world with confidence and security.

Digital Literacy & Skills Training: Our comprehensive approach to digital literacy and skills training covers everything from basic internet use to advanced digital tools. With classes tailored for all skill levels, we're dedicated to fostering lifelong learning and digital competence.

Device Deployment Programs: Understanding the importance of device accessibility, GetSetUp’s classes on smartphone and tablet use enable older adults to fully leverage these technologies for daily life and connectivity, enhancing overall digital participation.

“Continual learning is healthy for all of us. The Internet is a part of everyday life. It’s important that older adults feel safe and comfortable online. The classes this program offers will help do just that,” said Jeff Clark, the Community Health Section Manager, Wyoming Department of Health Aging Division.

As the application deadline for the State Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program approaches, on May 28, 2024, GetSetUp encourages eligible entities to consider how partnering with GetSetUp can amplify their efforts to achieve digital equity and broadband for all. Together, as a national community, we can ensure that older adults are not left behind in our increasingly digital world.

"Our mission at GetSetUp has always been rooted in the belief that technology and aging should go hand in hand, ensuring that older adults are not left behind in the digital age. This grant program represents a significant step forward in making that belief a reality for the growing older adult community in the US.

We are committed to working alongside state, local, and tribal governments to bring about meaningful and lasting change," said Lawrence Kosick, President and Co-founder of GetSetUp.For more information on how GetSetUp can support your Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program proposal, please contact us at