Prolonging Aging in Place

GetSetUp’s Preserving Independence Program aims to help older adults, particularly those with low income, limited educational opportunities, and disabilities maintain their independence. By focusing on strategies like physical activity, self-management, and home modifications our program helps enable people to effectively reduce chronic pain and prevent falls.

What we Offer

Our program includes a diverse range of classes designed to address the specific needs of older adults:

  • Chronic Pain Management:
    • Physical Activity: Classes like "Gentle Pilates for Pain Management" and "Low-Impact Workout for Chronic Pain Relief" provide exercises that help manage pain and improve mobility.
    • Self-Management Education: Courses such as "Managing Chronic Pain through Lifestyle Changes" teach practical strategies for coping with and reducing chronic pain.
  • Fall Prevention:
    • Physical Activity: "Morning Fitness - Let's Get Moving" and "Tai Chi - Shibashi" classes focus on improving strength, balance, and coordination to reduce the risk of falls.
    • Falls Prevention Education and Self-Management: Classes like "How to Create a Safer Home Environment to Prevent Falls" provide valuable information on fall prevention techniques and home safety modifications.
    • Home Modifications: "Home Safety Tips for Seniors" offers practical advice on making the home environment safer and more accessible to prevent falls.
  • Navigating the Healthcare System
    • Understanding Your Healthcare Benefits: A class that explains the details of Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance plans, helping members make informed decisions about their healthcare options.
    • Self-Advocacy in Healthcare: Teaches members how to advocate for themselves in medical settings, including asking the right questions and understanding their rights as patients.
    • Health Literacy Basics: Helps members understand medical terminology, read and interpret health information, and make informed health decisions.
    • Emergency Preparedness: Guides members on how to prepare for medical emergencies, including creating a health plan and knowing when to seek urgent care.

What is the Impact?

  • Increased Safety and Independence: Through education and practical strategies, participants learn to create safer home environments and adopt habits that reduce the risk of falls and injuries, which promotes long-term independence.
  • Targeted Support for Priority Populations: The program specifically benefits older adults with low income, low educational attainment, and disabilities by addressing their unique needs and helping to bridge health disparities.
  • Improved Health Outcomes: Participants experience reduced chronic pain and fewer fall-related injuries, leading to better overall health and mobility.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life: By managing pain and preventing falls, older adults can maintain their independence and enjoy a higher quality of life, with greater confidence in their ability to perform daily activities.