Enhancing Health Literacy

GetSetUp’s Health Literacy Program is designed to enhance the health management skills of older adults through technology. We offer a range of classes that teach participants how to use smart devices like smartphones and smartwatches, manage health conditions such as hypertension, and utilize telehealth services.

What we Offer

Our program includes a variety of classes focused on different aspects of health literacy:

Digital Onboarding:

  • "Navigating Your Healthcare Plan’s Website" and "Understanding Your Plan’s Mobile App" Teach members how to effectively use online portals and mobile apps.
  • "Telehealth - How to Have a Virtual Visit with Your Doctor" - Guides members on using telehealth services for convenient healthcare access.
  • “How to book your home visits - Teaching members to use the Member portal to book a home visit and the benefit of it.

Plan Navigation:

  • "Finding and Using Your Plan’s Benefits" - Helps members locate and understand the benefits available to them.
  • "Managing Your Health Records Online" - Provides instruction on accessing and managing personal health information.
  • “Using your transportation benefits”- Helping members discover and use their transportation benefits.


  • "Telehealth - How to Have a Virtual Visit with Your Doctor" guides participants on how to use telehealth services to communicate with healthcare providers remotely.

Managing Health Conditions:

  • "Manage Hypertension and Blood Pressure" offers strategies for monitoring and managing hypertension.

Using Smart Devices:

  • "All About Smartwatches" and "Apple Watch: Learn the Basics" help participants understand and use smartwatches to monitor their health.
  • "iPhone Basics" and "Using Your Android Smartphone" teach participants how to use their smartphones effectively.
  • "Apple Watch: More Features & Tips" and "Android Smartphone - Advanced Tips & Tricks" provide advanced tips for getting the most out of these devices.

What is the Impact?

The impact of our Health Literacy Program is significant, providing numerous benefits for participants:

  • Improved Health Management: Participants gain the skills and confidence to use technology to monitor their health, manage medications, and communicate with healthcare providers effectively.
  • Enhanced Well-Being: Through self-care and wellness classes, participants experience reduced stress, improved mental health, and better overall well-being.
  • Increased Empowerment: Knowledge and resources empower participants to make informed health decisions and adopt healthy lifestyle habits, leading to better health outcomes.