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Jun 25, 2024

GetSetUp's Groundbreaking Civic Engagement Program to Feature Notable Policy Experts

GetSetUp's Groundbreaking Civic Engagement Program to Feature Notable Policy Experts
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GetSetUp, the leading online learning platform for older adults, supports Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, 2024, by announcing our safe election series. We offer a series on preventing elder abuse, enhancing safety, and promoting civic engagement through education. This nonpartisan effort is part of GetSetUp's broader Civic Pathways campaign. It is designed to empower older adults with the knowledge and tools they need to stay safe and informed for the upcoming 2024 elections.

In an era where digital threats such as AI-driven frauds and scams disproportionately target older adults, GetSetUp is stepping forward to ensure this demographic is well-equipped to protect themselves and sift through fact from fiction. We started earlier this year with our Cyber Safety & Fraud Hub, which is filled with classes and resources to help educate older adults on scams and frauds. Following that, our Elder Abuse Awareness Month series focuses on classes that are important to help secure the digital safety of older adults as they use the internet.

We aren’t stopping there. With election season approaching, our Empowering Your Vote Series will help older adults gain confidence in their security and civic participation through targeted education on key issues, policies, and safety practices. GetSetUp classes include classes that are focused on learning about the civic processes, such as The Electoral College Explained: How it Works (20-min class), Essentials of U.S. Voting: From Registration to Ballot Box (20-min class), and Navigating Senior Benefits: Cutting Utility Costs (20-min class) among others.

Central to this campaign is the involvement of distinguished Guest Speakers who will share their insights on aging issues throughout the upcoming months. Some of these speakers include:

Guest Speaker: The Honorable David J. Shulkin, MD, on Healthcare, Advocacy, and Innovation - David Shulkin, the Former United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs, will share about the significant strides made towards bettering the lives of those who've served and discovered how these insights can influence broader healthcare policies and initiatives for all older adults.

Guest Speaker: Lance Robertson on Harnessing the Power of Community Champions in Aging Care - Lance Robertson, the Former U.S. Assistant Secretary for Aging & Administrator, aims to inspire and mobilize community members to become proactive advocates for the well-being of older populations.

Guest Speaker New York Director of Aging, Greg Olsen, on Innovation, Advocacy, and the Value of Your Voice - Greg Olsen, the Acting Director of the New York State Office for the Aging, will share how New York's strategies and policies are setting a benchmark for aging services, combating ageism, and addressing the needs of older adults and caregivers.

Guest Speaker: Nancy LeaMond - Empowering Older Americans Through Advocacy and Action - Nancy Leamond, the Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer/Executive Vice President at AARP, will explore critical topics such as healthcare affordability, retirement security, and consumer protections, highlighting the power of informed advocacy and engagement.

Guest Speaker Robert Blancato: Championing Elder Rights through the Older Americans Act and Elder Abuse Prevention -Robert Blancato, the National Coordinator at Elder Justice Coalition, aims to educate and empower attendees to advocate for robust elder rights in their communities.

These esteemed speakers will share their invaluable insights and expertise on issues important to older adults and provide unparalleled insights into navigating the complexities of modern life and the electoral landscape.

The Empowering Your Vote series includes interactive classes, on-demand videos, and other resources covering various topics essential for today’s older adults to live safer, more informed, and more engaged lives.

“We are honored to have such esteemed speakers join us in this critical effort to empower older adults with knowledge,” said Lawrence Kosick, President and co-founder of GetSetUp. “Our goal is to ensure older adults have the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves from abuse and fraud while encouraging them to participate actively in their communities and the democratic process.”

Visit GetSetUp's website for more information about the initiative and to register for the upcoming classes.