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Jun 26, 2024

GetSetUp Launches An AI Class Assistant to Enhance Access to Government Benefits for Older Adults

GetSetUp Launches An AI Class Assistant to Enhance Access to Government Benefits for Older Adults
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GetSetUp, a leading innovator in the AgeTech market, is launching a new AI class assistant specifically designed for older adults that harnesses four years of insights into how they learn about essential products and services. The initial version of the class assistant is going to use conversational chat and personalized prompts to improve access and awareness of the $30 billion in government benefits that are unclaimed each year. GetSetUp plans to expand this offering later to improve access and awareness of Health Benefits offered by Medicare plans and more.

The initial version is engineered to demystify the complexities often encountered by older adults on government websites, eligibility forms, and behind complicated user interfaces. Integrated into GetSetUp’s popular live and on-demand classes, it operates as a 24/7 assistant, ensuring that older adults have simple, straightforward access to vital information whenever they need it. This integration allows the AI class assistant to proactively increase the awareness of underutilized government programs and simplify the learning process for older adults applying for benefits and programs.

"We teach millions of older adults how to access programs like Medicare, SNAP, and other programs in virtual classes, but we could never personalize it for every user. Now, our AI class assistant is the perfect companion for users who can learn the basics by watching a video but require individualized attention to get more personalized information. Our AI assistant is built on four years of training data and tailored to the unique needs of our older adult users," said Neil Dsouza, CEO of GetSetUp.

Enhancing Educational Opportunities Through AI

Our assistant has been specifically developed using extensive training data to augment our instructors and support teams. This includes tuning an AI model specifically for older adults, including age-appropriate vocabulary, empathy, cadence, and the physical & environmental conditions that can be prevalent among the aging population.

Customizable and Practical AI Support

Looking forward, the class assistants’ capabilities will continue to expand, providing even more personalization for our learners and partners. Its design allows for swift adaptation to highlight our partners' key programs, such as the Prescription Drug Program—an area where many older Americans find existing resources to be overly complex and challenging to navigate.

In an initial pilot with the state of New Jersey, the class assistant will help increase awareness and education about the NJ Saves program, which includes essential benefits like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Medicare Savings Programs.

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