Improving Caregiver Well-Being

GetSetUp’s Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program provides essential support for older adults caring for grandchildren, offering resources, support groups, and information on public benefits to help them navigate the challenges and maintain their well-being.

What we Offer

Our program includes a variety of classes designed to support grandparents in their caregiving roles:

  • Self-Care: Classes like "Mindful Practices for Caregivers" and "Stress Management Techniques" help grandparents prioritize their own health and wellness.
  • Digital Tools to Help: "Using Apps to Manage Caregiving Tasks" and "Staying Connected with Family Through Technology" provide practical guidance on leveraging technology to streamline caregiving responsibilities.
  • Support Groups: "Join Our Caregivers Support Group" offers a safe space for grandparents to share experiences and receive peer support.
  • Medication Management: "Organizing Medications for Grandchildren" teaches effective strategies for managing prescriptions and ensuring adherence.
  • Wellness: "Healthy Eating for Busy Caregivers" and "Fitness Routines You Can Do at Home" promote physical health and well-being.

What is the Impact?

The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program provides essential support that enhances both the caregivers' and the children's quality of life:

  • Enhanced Well-Being: By prioritizing self-care and wellness, grandparents are better able to maintain their health and manage the stresses of caregiving.
  • Improved Caregiving Efficiency: Digital tools and practical strategies streamline caregiving tasks, making it easier for grandparents to balance their responsibilities.
  • Stronger Community Support: Support groups foster a sense of community and provide emotional support, reducing feelings of isolation and stress among caregivers.
  • Better Health Management: Classes on medication management and wellness ensure that both grandparents and grandchildren maintain optimal health.
  • Empowered Caregivers: Knowledge and resources empower grandparents to provide the best possible care for their grandchildren while looking after their own needs.