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George, a 91-year-old man living alone in Montana, has been coping with the loss of his wife of 72 years. As someone who is more accustomed to things than feelings, George found himself struggling with anxiety and endless worrying thoughts. However, with the help of his insurance provider, Blue Cross, George was introduced to SilverSneakers, who offer GetSetUp at no additional charge in his membership plan. GetSetUp has been crucial in his healing journey.

"I've been getting a lot of good use out of GetSetUp classes," George said. "I'm focusing primarily on meditation with breathing and yoga."

For George, the regular classes offered by GetSetUp have been a source of comfort and relaxation, particularly those related to yoga and meditation. 

"The greatest benefit is learning to calm down the void," he shared. "I have this problem with endlessly inventing problems and obsessing over them. The regular GetSetUp programs I watch have been teaching me how to be able to relax and gain calmness instead of staying in my default worry-wart function."

Yoga classes are also a regular part of his day as they have been instrumental in his healing journey. 

"Yoga is something I have learned a lot about, and there is so much more to learn.” 

George's favorite instructors on GetSetUp include Glenda Springer, Serita Savant, and Natalie Cossar, all of whom have helped him find ways to cope with his anxiety.there are many more guides I have not seen. He particularly appreciated the captions provided during the classes, as he relies on them due to his hearing difficulties. 

"That's something I have to compliment GetSetUp on – the captions. I wouldn't be able to benefit from GetSetUp without the captions," he said.

George has also found value in GetSetUp's technology-related classes, particularly those associated with new computer skills. As an engineer, George has a reasonable knowledge of technical issues and has been able to navigate the platform without a problem. He still enjoys learning tips and tricks from technology classes, though. Plus, he learned how to use Zoom better, and now he has it well under control. 

A lifeline during a difficult time in his life

George has a couple of acres to take care of, and he spends most of his time doing that. However, in his rural part of Montana, it’s not always easy to socialize with people, so the community aspect has been important. His older daughter and her husband have parked their mobile home on his property, and most nights, the three of them have dinner together now. 

 "I cook dinner for the three of us after I finish the yard work and fixing things on the property,” he said.

He enjoys following cooking sessions and learning new recipes to experiment with for daily dinners. 

"I'm alone now, here in Montana at the end of a dirt road, but I seem to be getting more neighbors all the time," he shared. "The regular classes offered by GetSetUp have been a source of comfort and relaxation, and I appreciate the community of learners and instructors I have connected with."

George plans to continue taking classes on GetSetUp and exploring new interests and passions.

"My wife and I did a lot of different things, and we were active in lots of different things like gardening, boating, scuba diving, exploration, and trekking. We kept busy," he said. "But through GetSetUp, I've discovered new passions, like yoga and meditation."

As he continues his healing journey, George serves as an inspiration to learners of all ages that it's never too late to learn, grow, and connect with others.

“I really appreciate the classes and am watching them regularly. They have benefitted me quite a lot.”

Jun 1, 2023
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