The first all-in-one digital health platform for adults 60+

GetSetUp is a virtual platform offering learning programs across health & wellness, digital literacy, health literacy and more to help your members lead independent and engaging lives.

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Enhanced Care, Reduced Costs

GetSetUp offers a compelling solution as a single vendor that can yield substantial cost savings while delivering diverse benefits

Addressing CMS Health Equity Goals

Culturally Competent
GetSetUp classes are tailored to address the needs of diverse populations, including those with limited English proficiency, and various cultural, racial, or religious backgrounds. Current classes are offered in Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin and English.

Access in Rural Areas
Our virtual platform provides residents of rural communities affected by service deserts with access to wellness programs, technology training, and social interaction. These resources are crucial for addressing the isolation and health disparities worsened by poverty and lack of resources.

Digital Literacy
We offer classes that improve digital literacy, ensuring that members can effectively utilize telehealth services and digital health tools; including educating the member on how to navigate their Health Plan’s member portals and Apps.

Increase quality and Star ratings

Member Experience with the Health Plan
By empowering members with knowledge, promoting health and wellness, supporting caregivers, and fostering community connections, GetSetUp enhances the overall value and satisfaction members derive from their health plans.

Plan Performance
GetSetUp can help improve plan performance by addressing common member concerns through targeted educational content. Classes on navigating healthcare systems, understanding plan benefits, and managing health effectively lead to fewer complaints and improved member satisfaction.

Chronic Conditions Management
GetSetUp offers specialized classes focused on managing chronic conditions, providing members with the knowledge and tools to better manage their health. These classes cover recommended tests, treatments, and lifestyle modifications, ensuring that members with long-term conditions receive the care they need, positively impacting the plan's rating in this category.

Staying Healthy
Preventative health is a key focus on GetSetUp’s programming. GetSetUp works with your team to send reminders while members are actively engaged in classes, this ensures heightened awareness and encourage timely participation and healthy actions. Allowing health plans to close gaps in care.

Increase retention and growth

Diverse Class Offerings
The variety of classes and content on GetSetUp keeps members engaged and coming back for more, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Value Recognition Drives Retention
Our custom classes tailored for plan members help them recognize the value of their benefits, empowering them to take control of their health journey.

Tailored Solution

GetSetUp's learning platform is flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of our partners. By organizing content according to your goals and priorities, members derive maximum benefits from the content available on our platform.

Expanding Digital Literacy and Health Education

GetSetUp addresses the digital divide by offering classes that enhance digital literacy, ensuring that members can effectively utilize telehealth services and digital health tools

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Creating Healthy Habits

Our offerings include fitness classes, mental health workshops, nutrition education, and disease prevention programs. The interactive format encourages active participation and allows members to ask questions and receive personalized advice, making health and wellness an integral part of their daily lives.

Fostering Social Connectedness

GetSetUp's Social Hours and Community-Led Classes cater to the Social Needs Benefit, promoting interaction and reducing isolation to enhance the well-being of members.

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GetSetUp Classes to Book related to Fitness, Healthy Aging, Food and Nutrition

Supporting Independent Living

By educating members on how to navigate the healthcare system and manage their own health, GSU supports MA plans in fostering autonomy and self-sufficiency among members.

Member Testimonials

A Platform to Address Social Determinants of Health

We can utilize our tech platform and in-class data tools to collect information on user behaviors and survey responses. We work with our clients to continue tailoring content based on member engagement and needs.

Customised Reminders

Plans can utilize our in-class notification system to deliver targeted reminders to members about "Health Checkups," "Home Visits," and other important actions. By offering these reminders while members are actively engaged in classes, we ensure heightened awareness and encourage timely participation in healthy actions.


By engaging members in surveys while they are actively participating and engaged, plans can ensure higher response rates and more accurate data collection.

Feedback tool for members insights

GetSetUp offers a customizable feedback tool for plans to capture valuable insights from members on various topics, including the performance of services offered, emerging needs of members, and perceptions of their health plan.

Data to incentivize Member rewards

GetSetUp can share member activity data with health plans, enabling them to reward members for engaging in positive, healthy actions. By tracking participation in health and wellness classes, digital literacy sessions, and other beneficial activities, plans can create incentive programs that recognize and encourage proactive health management.

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