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GetSetUp empowers Medicaid Managed Care Organizations by offering interactive health-focused classes that enhance member engagement, promote wellness and prevention, and supports independent living.

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Empowering Independence, Enhancing Wellness

GetSetUp is a hybrid of home-based and community-based care.  Our classes are led by experienced educators and professionals who understand the unique needs of older adults, ensuring a supportive and enriching learning experience that helps combat social isolation and promotes a sense of community.

Engage Your Members with Interactive Virtual Classes

GetSetUp offers a vast library of live, interactive classes designed specifically for older adults. These classes cover a wide range of topics, from digital literacy and health management to social activities and hobbies.

GetSetUp Guide Teaching a Fitness Class
GetSetUp Guide teaching a Yoga Class

Foster Health and Wellness Among Your Members

Our offerings include fitness classes, mental health workshops, nutrition education, and disease prevention programs. By incorporating these classes into your benefits, you can help your members maintain their physical health, manage chronic conditions, and improve their overall well-being.

Equip Caregivers with the Skills They Need

GetSetUp offers targeted training and support for caregivers, helping them to better manage their responsibilities and provide high-quality care. Our courses cover a range of essential topics, including telehealth, remote monitoring tools, and practical caregiving skills.

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GetSetUp Digital Classes

Promote Independence with Digital Literacy Programs

In today's digital age, having strong digital literacy skills is crucial for maintaining independence. GetSetUp's digital literacy programs teach older adults how to use technology effectively, from basic computer skills to advanced software applications. These classes enable members to access telehealth services, stay connected with loved ones, and manage their daily activities online.

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Frequently asked questions

Has GetSetUp worked with the population covered under LTSS

Yes, GetSetUp has worked with over 50 AAA's and Departments of Aging in 32 states providing one or all services listed above to members who are eligible for LTSS

Who does all the class content development

Our team of experts can collaborate with you to make sure the content is curated based on your priorities. All the development, training and notes are created by the GetSetUp team

Can we pick an chose programs or classes that are relevant to our plan?

Yes, one of the unique features of our tech platform is the ability for you to curate programs or individual classes. You can also keep adding and removing programs during the year.