e-Learning for Libraries

Public libraries across America are partnering with GetSetUp to offer older adults access to a virtual learning platform designed to enhance digital literacy, socialization, and wellness for adults 55 and older.

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Content focuses on personal growth for older adults

Digital literacy classes

Participants gain confidence and skills in using technology, making it easier to stay connected with family, friends, and essential services.

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GetSetUp Class Categories or Courses Showing Different Classes like Aging in Place, Art, Business, Communication, Cooking, Creativity, and more.

Diverse course offerings

Offering a wide range of topics like healthy cooking, virtual travel, and fitness, GetSetUp’s classes cater to the varied interests and needs of older adults.
We offer a catalog of 5,000 topics for partners to curate to their members' interests.

Multilingual classes

Leverage our network of creators in their 60s who bring domain expertise and authenticity to the content, which resonates deeply with older viewers. Content is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, and Mandarin.

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Seamless Integration

Our plug-and-play software allows libraries to integrate our entire class catalog in less than 24 hours, diversifying their offerings and fostering loyalty with their senior audience.