Key Takeaways:

Priorities for the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services and the Library of Michigan

  1. Combating social isolation
  2. Addressing barriers due to distance, access and diverse backgrounds
  3. Creating equity in aging

Michigan's Innovative Solution

MDHHS and the Library of Michigan partnered with GetSetUp to engage older adult residents through classes on various topics. Programming is available from anywhere via smartphones, tablets, or computers. For those seeking to bridge the digital divide, there are a variety of device training classes and programming on how to safely and effectively use the internet.

Older Michiganders were able to access the easy-to-use GetSetUp learning platform and participate free of charge in friendly, peer-led classes. Plus, they have access to classes to learn about health and wellness, fitness, explore their hobbies, and much more.


1. Introduce older Michiganders to a safe, online virtual social gathering place to socialize with like-minded peers. Provide Michiganders access to over 532k+ aging-in-place, health and wellness classes.Provide Michiganders opportunities to share their insights in Community sessions with like-minded peers on interests they are passionate about.

2. Provide technical support via phone, chat, and email to learners who were not familiar with technology or who needed assistance with their device.

3. Make joining classes more easily accessible through the GetSetUp Lounge, which allows learners to participate in video classes and ask questions without downloading Zoom.

Farah Hanley

Chief Deputy Director for Health, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

"With over 40% of Michigan older adults living alone across a diverse geography and in rural areas, social isolation and loneliness are critical problems we are taking proactive steps to address. GetSetUp is a key part of our solution, helping older adults overcome their fears and reluctance to learn technology, providing safe socialization opportunities, and creating a sense of purpose through learning that improves mood and mental health.”

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Oct 2, 2023

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