Organize and Protect Your Windows PC

Is your Windows computer acting sluggish? Are you lost when you try to find a file or a picture? You don’t need a Geek, you can learn how to deal with these things yourself! Spend an hour with Marge. You’ll have fun and learn along the way!

This is a one hour class intended for Windows users. The first 15 minutes will be centered around understanding and setting up a folder/file system. During the rest of the class, we’ll discuss the security software that comes loaded on a new Windows computer, when you might want to add more robust security, what are the signs of a malware infection (a virus) and various software programs that can help you remove the infection. 

This is a 1-hour 1-on-1 session.


  • Define the file tree example of a folder system and understand how to plan your folder system
  • Know how to search for files and how to move them to the correct folder
  • Know which security software is included with Windows and how to set it up
  • Discuss the basic symptoms of a malware infection
  • Know how to use a search to research anti-malware programs
  • Know how to use online anti-malware software and understand why you might choose this option over downloading a program
  • Understand why you might choose to take your pc to a professional shop

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Marge is a retired computer programmer who specialized in website design and programming. She taught computer applications and website development for the University of Wisconsin system and wrote and maintained a website of over 850 pages for the school.

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