Key Takeaways:

  • Older adults can find many job opportunities, including part-time, flexible, and work-from-home jobs that fit their needs and schedules.
  • Some examples of part-time jobs for seniors include tutoring, brand ambassador, administrative assistant, dog walker, and housekeeper.
  • Skilled careers for retirees include massage therapist, accountant, graphic designer, interior designer, translator, plumber, electrician, and marketing consultant.

any people believe that once they hit a certain age, their job prospects are eliminated. This is not true! There are many careers available to you as an older adult. Learn about these opportunities!

Jobs for Seniors with Flexible Hours

With an aging workforce, many companies have adapted their workplace policies accordingly by offering flexible working arrangements for their employees.

These flexible jobs are perfect for seniors who want a career but don’t want full-time hours:

  1. Handyman. As a homeowner, you have skills that others will pay $60/hour.
  2. Carpenter. Retirees who are skilled at working with tools can find part-time jobs that pay $22 an hour.
  3. Locksmith. Earn a certification in as little as two months and get paid $25/hr.
  4. Tow Truck Operator. Do you like driving? This career pays $14/hr.
  5. Delivery Driver. Pizzas, groceries, and other products need to be delivered. $14/hr.
  6. SAT/ACT Instructor. Do you have math, language and communication skills? Consider these senior jobs. $20/hr.
  7. Adjunct Professor. Colleges, universities, and other schools need temporary teachers. $12/hr.
  8. Grant Writer. Non-profits and for-profit companies alike love grant money but often don’t have the time to chase it down. You can make $32/hr helping them.
  9. Substitute Teacher. Substitute for a class! Pays $100/day.
  10. Home Care Provider. Seniors who are agile can cook, clean, and provide personal care for housebound clients. $10/hour.

Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

A part-time job can be a great way to supplement your income and stay active when you're older.

Here are some fantastic part-time job options:

  1. Tutor. Tutors make between $15 and $150 an hour. A solid way for seniors to earn money by sharing their knowledge with students in need of help.
  2. Brand Ambassador. Have a large social network? Companies will pay you to promote their products. These jobs for older workers can earn $20/hour.
  3. Administrative Assistant. Keep small details in line. $20/hr.
  4. Youth Monitor. Work in schools and libraries to supervise small groups of children. The pay rate is $13 per hour.
  5. Food or Product Demonstrator. In-store product testers can make up to $12 an hour, provided they’re willing to work for free.
  6. Mail Carrier. Retirees who take these jobs can earn $25/hour.
  7. UPS Driver. Part-time UPS driver jobs for seniors over 60 pay $30/hour.
  8. Bank Teller. Trustworthy seniors can earn $12/hr with these money-handling jobs.
  9. Fitness Instructor. Know your way around a gym? Fitness instructors earn $22/hr.
  10. Nanny. Retirees who no longer have young grandchildren to care for can make money as nannies, earning between $16 and $30 an hour.

Jobs for Retirees with Low Responsibility

If you're looking for a job that involves very little responsibility and requires little mental energy, these jobs are for you.

Examples of low-responsibility jobs include:

  1. Dog Walker / Pet Sitter. Do you love pets? You can make $20/day walking and feeding them. Can’t find clients? Try Sittercity or
  2. Courier. Do you like to get out and about? These make great jobs for seniors over 65. $15/hr.
  3. Front Desk Reception. Meet and greet people walking into offices, hotels, etc. $14/hr.
  4. Data Entry. Good at typing? Try this job. $14/hr.
  5. Library Assistant. Do you love reading and books? Check out this job. $13/hr.
  6. Cafeteria Worker. Schools and big companies often need cashiers and back-of-house staff. $12/hr.
  7. Housekeeper. Stay active with these jobs. $11/hr.
  8. Customer Service Representative. For people who like talking on the phone and do not mind working from home, this job is a great choice. $15/hr.
  9. Food Service Cook. If you're a good cook, you can make $10/hr in these jobs for seniors.
  10. Waiter/Waitress. Good on your feet? On a busy night a waitress can make $120 in tips.

Work-from-Home Jobs for Seniors

If you're a senior looking to work from home, we have some good news: there are many companies who hire seniors! You can earn money and make a living working from home, especially if you have experience in a certain field. The best part is that you don't even need to get dressed up or put on makeup—you can just wear your PJs!

  1. Social Media Assistant. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are here to stay. Help companies reach out through these networks by becoming a social media assistant—earning $15/hour!
  2. Editor/Proofreader. If you react negatively when someone says “a whole nother,” you might make a good proofreader. $25/hr.
  3. Online Tutor. Online tutoring is booming. You can earn $20/hour by working with students via computer screen at, a leading site for senior-related jobs
  4. Test Scorer. This work-from-home employment for seniors pays $12/hour.
  5. Virtual Assistant. Many small businesses are in need of help dealing with customers, but they often can’t afford to hire full-time staff. $16/hr.
  6. Law Enforcement Transcriptionist. Transcribe legal recordings and police camera footage. $15/hr
  7. Phone Survey Conductor. Survey researcher part-time jobs make it possible for seniors to work at home. These positions pay $27/hour and are less intrusive than telemarketing or other in-person job opportunities.
  8. Online ESL Instructor. You can get an English-as-a-Second-Language teaching certification online in 1–3 months. $19/hr.
  9. Telework Nurse/Doctor. Were you a nurse or doctor in a past life? Online healthcare pro make $32–$90/hr.
  10. Content Creator. People who have a talent for writing can earn $22 per hour by compiling articles and newsletters.

Skilled Jobs for Retirees

It’s never too late to learn a new skill. Why not use your retirement years to take up a new hobby, or pursue a career in an area that interests you? There are plenty of jobs out there for retirees who want to keep learning, and it may be easier than you think.

Here are some of the most common skilled careers for retirees:

  1. Massage Therapist. Jobs for older people in massage therapy require certification. $19/hr.
  2. Accountant. Already got the skills and the CPA license? Don’t want to run a business? Sign on with a local or online firm. $33/hr.
  3. Reiki Practitioner. Touch healing is an in-demand form of therapy that can earn you an enlightened living with your own business. $19/hr.
  4. Speech Pathologist. If you are already a licensed speech pathologist, consider working with individual clients or filling in for a local facility. You can earn $37/hr doing so
  5. Graphic Designer. Seniors who are talented artists with computer skills can find great jobs in advertising agencies and marketing firms. Average salary: $21/hour.
  6. Interior Designer. If you find yourself thinking, Ugh, how can they stand this decor? License required in some states. $25/hr.
  7. Translator. Got mad language/typing skills? Put them to work making $25/hr in these jobs for senior citizens.
  8. Plumber. Step down to a part-time version of your past career. $28/hr.
  9. Electrician. If you’re already certified, nobody said you had to work full-time. $26/hr.
  10. Marketing Consultant. Are you highly skilled in the marketing world? Think about doing client work. $25/hr.

As you can see, there are many great jobs for seniors. The key is to find the right fit for you.

For more information on how to search for remote job opportunities, or if you need help creating your resume and preparing for interviews, check out the following classes:

Aug 11, 2022
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