ave you heard of the coastal grandmother style trend? If not, we've got a quick rundown on what it is and why it's making waves at the moment.

The coastal grandmother style is defined by its relaxed feel which makes it perfect for summer weather. It also tends to have an element of femininity that can be achieved by pairing pieces such as a floral dress with denim shorts or a loose-fitting shirt with wide-legged pants.

This look is best suited for those who want something comfortable and carefree yet still stylish enough to wear out on weekends or even at work!

This trend is taking over social media for three reasons: It's comfortable, it's affordable, and it's sustainable.

You'll find this trend all over Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok! The coastal grandmother trend is taking off because it's comfortable (no one wants to be uncomfortable), affordable (you can find an outfit at any price point), and sustainable (it feels good to create something yourself).

This style isn't just for the summertime, either; it works well in any season!

How can I dress in Coastal Grandmother style?

If you're into the Coastal Grandmother style and want to dress like it, we've got some advice.

First of all, there are a few key elements that are essential to the Coastal Grandmother look: loose-fitting top, pants, trainers, and sunglasses. To get the most out of your new look you'll also want to invest in a hat, bag, and accessories.

To start with, choose a loose-fitting top that doesn't cling to your body so it can be worn over long sleeves or under another layer if necessary. The best way to achieve this is by forgoing anything fitted for an oversized shirt that has dolman sleeves (that end above the elbow). If it's too big for you but still feels uncomfortably roomy because of its length then consider getting some high-waisted trousers that will balance out the silhouette so everything looks proportioned correctly.

Finally, finish off any outfit with a pair of trainers - from Converse All Stars to Birkenstocks - along with some sunglasses. Make sure they're large enough so as not to clash with their shapely frames but small enough so as not to distract from their color scheme which should consist primarily of white (to reflect light) followed by black or navy blue depending on how dark your clothes are overall!

The best part about this trend is that there are so many options for how you can dress up in it!

So whether you're all about comfort or style, there's something here for everyone (and we're sure it will eventually be on your closet). We hope we've given you some inspiration today!

Jul 14, 2022

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