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Lidia Martinez discusses finding learning opportunities by investigating and taking advantage of the internet.

Lidia Martinez.

Lidia Martinez

Nationality: Argentina 🇦🇷

‘’Throughout my life, I worked for big corporations in Argentina. But there came a time when I wanted to pursue my passion. 27 years ago, I quit my job to become a cosmetologist (A professional licenced to provide cosmetic treatments to skin, hair, and nails), focusing on body cosmetology (Focusing on the condition and appearance of skin). Nowadays, I continue to be an assistant in our body aesthetics office, although the business stopped completely due to the pandemic. We had to do virtual courses, which felt like they put a brake in our face, we really couldn't do more. Despite having retired a few years ago, I always continued working because I am passionate about my career, but in the pandemic, everything changed. We couldn't go out. The street looked like something out of a movie; it was very distressing. We couldn't even go to family gatherings, nothing. So, I said: Well, what can I do from home? Investigating and taking advantage of the internet, I found many learning opportunities. So, I signed up for 3 online courses: English classes, health & nutrition, and computing. I did the computing course twice as there are always new things that come out, and it is great for me to be up to date with everything. Apart from that, now that the situation is a little better, I take the opportunity to walk every day.’’

Lidia’s life advice: ‘Despite the uncertainty, there are always tools to get ahead. The key is to actively look for them instead of remaining paralyzed and focusing on the bad things of the situation.’’

This story is written by GetSetUp Journalism Fellow Gabriela Molina, from Buenos Aires. Gaby is a student at Universidad Católica Argentina.

May 19, 2022
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