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You are now all signed up and ready to go. We are so excited to have you join us on this 5-week fitness journey. Our regimen has balance, strength training, flexibility, and aerobic classes. We want you to have an active start to 2022 year.

Welcome to the #GetFitWithGetSetUp New Year Fitness Countdown challenge starting November 29th. We are so excited to have you join us on this 5-week fitness journey where we work together on a regimen that includes balance, strength training, flexibility, and aerobic classes.

Here is what happens next:

1. Click on the below series link to sign up for all of the fitness challenge classes for the week with one click. For detailed instructions, watch the video above.

2. As a reminder, you will receive an email and SMS notification for the classes you sign up for one hour before the class begins.

3. To prepare for the challenge, sign up for our introductory class “Tech: Use Google Fit App to Track Your Health” on Monday, November 29th. You will learn how to track your daily steps, fitness goals, and more through the five-week series.

4. You’ll get an email each weekend to sign up for the next week’s classes in one click.

Be a part of the community!

While we wait for the challenge to start on November 29th, please join fellow participants in our Facebook Fitness community. This will be a space to connect with other learners and find inspiration and motivation along with useful fitness tips.

Once you join the group, you can create a post with the below message. We want to know more about you!

Example message for the community group:

"I am participating in the #GetFitWithGetSetUp New Year Fitness Challenge! I am currently at __ hours of fitness each week and by the new year. I want to increase that to ___ hours of exercise a week."

If you have any questions related to the challenge, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly concierge team at or at the below contact:

India: +91 96997-80535
USA: +1-(888)-559-1614
Australia: +61-279-087-762

See you in class!

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