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We are growing fast and expanding our team! We are looking for dedicated members that want to grow our community of curious, passionate, and welcoming learners.

We’ve been on a mission to create economic and learning opportunities for older adults. We’ve built a vibrant learning platform and community where older adults can learn about a variety of topics through live, interactive, peer to peer classes. Currently, we offer more than 150 classes on essential life-changing skills, from professional development to technology, health, wellness, and hobbies, and casual social hours, with trained expert guides.

We are growing fast and expanding our team! We are looking for dedicated members that want to grow our community of curious, passionate, and welcoming learners. All positions are remote, so you’ll get to work without ever leaving home, but those applying must have a quality internet connection and devices that allow them to perform their required activities.

Right now we are looking for a number of people to help fill the roles of Guides and Support Specialists.

Part-time and full-time guides needed

The Guides at GetSetUp are experts in providing engaging virtual classes on topics they are passionate about.  We have multiple positions for independent contractors who have flexible schedules based on their availability of usually 10+ hours a week. We also have full-time Guide positions for those interested in a career change. Zoom Meeting hosting skills are a big plus! Need a class to brush up on those? Try: How to Schedule & Host Zoom Meetings or Advanced Zoom for Zoom Hosts.

Guides are doing essential, meaningful work. Our Guides are not only teaching skills but they are helping to reduce loneliness — America’s silent pandemic—  and create community. They help to foster confidence, empowerment and learning, which helps reduce adverse health problems such as early-onset dementia, depression, and other silent killers of inactivity and isolation.

Why become a Guide?

  1. Share your lifetime of experience and wisdom by teaching older adults online.
  2. Teach and learn.
  3. Meet and engage with others.
  4. Enrich the lives of learners in your classes.
  5. Earn extra money working part-time or full-time from home.

Sounds like your calling? We’d love to hear from you!

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Support specialists needed

Support specialists at GetSetUp help assure that our learners can get connected, stay connected, and have their questions answered. We have multiple positions for support staff working 30-40 hours a week.

Support Specialists help our community get the tools and knowledge they need to feel confident and empowered with their technology skills. Through positive engagement as learners struggle, they ensure that each Learner and Guide is able to navigate the GetSetUp tools and take advantage of all GetSetUp has to offer.

Why join the Support Team?

  1. You love rapidly growing organizations and learning new things.
  2. You pick up on new systems and technology well and enjoy navigating the challenges of changing processes.
  3. You enjoy creating relationships with community members.
  4. You excel at communicating through diverse venues such as chat, email, phone, class check-in's (via Zoom), and running New Member Orientation.
  5. You love problem-solving and turning frustrated clients into repeat customers based on your positive rapport with every Learner/Guide.

Sounds interesting? We’d love to hear from you!

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We have other exciting opportunities popping up as we grow, so be sure to continue to check out our career hiring site to see if your passion for GetSetUp aligns with our current hiring needs. We are updating with new positions weekly so stay tuned.

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We look forward to seeing you on GetSetUp soon!

May 19, 2022
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