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Want to work from home, choose your own salary, and make your own hours?

It's possible with Preply, an e-learning platform that offers one-on-one language tutoring. It's a marketplace where tutors are contractors in charge of every aspect of their position, including choosing their own hourly rate and their own availability. All of this happens in a digital classroom specially designed for teaching.

They connect language tutors to hundreds of thousands of students around the world. Growth manager Claire Schmitt says,

"We think that learning a language is important but also is more successful when you do it live with a tutor. We developed the technology, one to connect students and learners, but also to enable tutors to teach classes effectively."

They provide tutors with an interactive virtual classroom and curriculum with learning materials. Tutors can also create their own lesson plans if they'd prefer.

Most of the students are adults. Some want to learn a new language from scratch, while others already know a language but want to brush up on their conversation skills.

It's a concept that works well for older adults who want flexibility in their work. And according to Claire, the company has seen a lot of success with older workers.

"A lot of our more successful tutors are older. Our platform allows them the flexibility to teach wherever they want, whenever they want, and do it part-time to earn extra income or even just for fun."

While many of the tutors have a background in teaching, it is not a requirement. And Preply offers tutors professional development, including live webinars, so they learn as well! 

“Especially for someone who has been a teacher in the past, I think one-on-one tutoring allows them to continue to use the skills that they've spent their whole lives developing but do it on a much more personal level, which I think is exciting for lifelong teachers.

The application process takes less than an hour, and the approval process takes one to two weeks. Once approved, applicants will watch a short orientation video, and then they’re ready to go!

To learn more about becoming a Preply tutor, visit GetSetUp Jobs.

Nov 3, 2022
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