Key Takeaways:

Vijay Suri is a 65-year-old retiree from Delhi. She used to work with the Public Dealing department at the Hindustan Times. Now she enjoys arts and crafts and approaches life with a can-do attitude.

She first learned about GetSetUp from her sister, who was already taking classes. For Vijay’s first class, she chose the  Arts and Crafts Workshop. She loved how patient the host was and how she gave instructions in great detail. And, while she started out the class as an observer, she soon made her presence known.

“I was a silent spectator in the first class, just looking at what she was making and who was attending. In the end, I said, “Hum Bhi Appke Saath Rehna Chate Hai” (I would love to be a part of this community). And now, in every class, I sing!”

One of her proudest accomplishments is learning to journal.

“I wanted to learn to write. During the GetSetUp Journaling Challenge, I wrote 31 stories! I loved it.”

She is now revisiting hobbies she had when she was younger:

“In my younger days, I learned how to stitch, knit, paint, and crochet, but over time I got out of practice and forgot how it’s all done! Thanks to GetSetUp for giving me the opportunity to re-learn everything from scratch. I love it.”

Her life advice:

“Be happy always, and don’t worry. Stay in the present. Nothing is impossible to learn. So show interest and learn new things.”

May 18, 2022
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