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Sabine Becker is an inspirational speaker, coach, and thalidomide survivor who motivates her audiences to reframe adversity into meaningful opportunities using her custom P.U.S.H. Framework - Persevere Until Success Happens.

Overcome limiting beliefs

Sabine was born without arms due to the drug thalidomide, which was given to some mothers in the early 1960s to help them with morning sickness.

People put so many limiting beliefs on her saying - she will not be able to walk,  she will not be able to go to school,  she will not be able to marry or have children. But she defied every single one of those limits. She even persevered until she was able to use her feet for everything including driving a non-modified car.

She attributes the origins of her can-do attitude to her mother and father.

“My parents told me never to give up. After a while of hearing something over and over again, you really believe it is reality.” 

Hope over adversity

Ten years ago Sabine had a massive stroke while driving that left her paralyzed. She survived but couldn’t walk or speak. While she was initially discouraged, she decided to “P.U.S.H.” through this latest obstacle, and she had to learn again how to walk and talk.

“It was really about reframing this tragedy into a meaningful opportunity. Hope is the passion for the possible because every journey starts with hope.”

Sabine says you don’t need to be disabled to benefit from her message.

“Everybody has a story. Everybody has struggles. You don't need to be disabled. You don't need to have a stroke. Others’ struggles are as real as mine. Some people are so touched by my message. They say, ‘Oh, my gosh, what do I have to complain about?’

But their struggles are real for them and hopefully, they will make the needed adjustments because the message of PUSH is really about hope and reframing.”

Her mission

Sabine’s mission is to motivate audiences to say NO to limiting beliefs. But instead to say YES to reframing adversity into meaningful opportunities combining hope with the consistent and persistent action of P.U.S.H. 

Join Sabine on June 16th for Using Hope to Persevere Through Adversity and Thrive. Learn how she transformed radical adversity into an opportunity to give audiences tools to P.U.S.H. through any challenges.

Jun 9, 2022
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