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he change of seasons is one of the best times to get away. With the cooler weather and changing colors, fall can be a great time to head out of town.

Consider taking advantage of the cheap airfare and great deals and spend your fall getaway at one of these affordable destinations:

1. Great Lakes, Canada

The Great Lakes are a great place for outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. If you're into hiking, camping or water sports—especially kayaking—you'll love this part of Canada.

If history is your thing (or if you're just interested in learning about Canadian history), then Great Lakes should be on your list of places to visit. The region has plenty of museums dedicated to telling the story behind Canada's first settlers: French explorers who came here from what's now Quebec province centuries ago.

2. Maine

Maine is a great place to visit in the fall. It has so many wonderful things to do, it's hard to fit them all into one trip! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Go fishing! You can catch more than just fish here—you can also catch lobsters and crab meat if you're feeling adventurous. If you don't want to cook your catch at home, head over to Amoskeag Marina (where they offer half-off rates on ice fishing trips) or Quoddy Lighthouse Inn & Restaurant (which serves up some tasty lobster rolls).
  • Go hiking! The Appalachian Trail runs through Maine, making it easy for hikers of all ages and skill levels to explore this beautiful state's trails each year between late March through November depending on conditions. You'll find dozens of towns along its length where you can stay overnight as well as hostels near major towns that offer free breakfast buffets each morning before setting off on your next adventure around these parts; check out Hostelling International USA website for more info about these places!

3. Tennessee

Tennessee is a great option for anyone who wants to get out of the city and into nature. The state is filled with natural beauty: the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most visited parks in America — especially during fall when the leaves change color — and features stunning views of waterfalls, mountains and valleys.

There are also plenty of museums to visit like Jack Daniel’s Whiskey distillery or Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum or even see how they make moonshine by visiting Tullahoma (a town known for its whiskey production as well).

4. Colorado

Colorado is full of beautiful mountains and lakes, so it's no surprise that the state's tourism industry has grown substantially in recent years. In addition to its natural beauty, Colorado offers great skiing and hiking opportunities as well as a wide variety of restaurants and bars to fill your belly. The state's outdoorsy vibe makes it a haven for people who love being outside during any season—especially fall when you can take advantage of the cooler temperatures before winter sets in!

5. Michigan

Michigan is the perfect place to visit in the fall. The weather is still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities, but it's not too hot. In fact, Michigan has one of the longest fall color seasons in the country due to its location and elevation.

Many people choose to visit Michigan in October as a romantic getaway or with their families during this time of year because they can enjoy apple picking and leaf peeping at wineries and farms throughout the state.

If you're looking for something more adventurous than just shopping or sightseeing, then try hiking along one of Michigan's many trails that lead through scenic landscapes and over rivers filled with colorful leaves floating across them!

Get away and relish the change of seasons.

Getaways are what you make of them. While there are plenty of great places to travel in the fall, these five will give you all the natural beauty and culture you could want without breaking the bank. So pick one or two on our list and get planning!

Aug 28, 2022

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