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Omar Escobar on living in the present and enjoying the little big things that make life something special.

Omar Escobar

Nationality: Goya, Corrientes, Argentina

"I'm a very active person. I cannot sit around doing anything. Every day, I ride my bike between 15 or 20 kilometers. I also love walking; I usually walk 8 kilometers a day. I live in Goya, a small city located in the province of Corrientes, Argentina, so walking around the city is always a pleasure. There's a lot of nature, and the weather is always lovely. But if I had to choose an activity, I would definitely stick with soccer. For me soccer is not just a sport, it’s a passion. Since I have memory, it's been my passion, and I know it will always be that way. I can stop doing many things, but soccer is something that I will never stop doing. I'm 70 years old, and despite my age, I continue training as if I were 20. Not only training physically, but also trying to take care of my diet to perform better. I enjoy playing soccer with my friends every week. Apart from that, we also play truco (an Argentinian cards game), and there are days when we have so much fun that we stay playing until 2-3 in the morning. And of course, my other passion is eating asado (barbecue) every Sunday with my family. Those are the little big things that make life something special. "

‘’My philosophy of life is simple. Today I live in the present. It is the only thing I have. The past has many beautiful things, and it is nice to remember, but it is even more beautiful to live connected with the here and now. ''

This story is written by GetSetUp Journalism Fellow Gabriela Molina, from Buenos Aires. Gaby is a student at Universidad Católica Argentina.

May 19, 2022

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