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Tivity Health has been granted the exclusive right to offer GetSetUp to Medicare Advantage plans and their members. SilverSneakers members in participating plans will have unlimited access to the platform at no additional cost to the member.

Senior-focused platform supports mental enrichment, continues to expand SilverSneakers beyond fitness

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Tivity Health® will offer GetSetUp, a virtual learning platform designed specifically for seniors to provide mental enrichment activities, to SilverSneakers® members in participating Medicare Advantage plans starting in January of 2022. The strategic relationship with GetSetUp will expand opportunities for SilverSneakers members to learn new skills, combat social isolation and unlock new life experiences.

Tivity Health has been granted the exclusive right to offer GetSetUp to Medicare Advantage plans and their members. SilverSneakers members in participating plans will have unlimited access to the platform at no additional cost to the member. GetSetUp is a live, secure, interactive platform developed to support mental enrichment and cognitive health in older adults. It not only features instructors but also enables seniors to become instructors to share their skills and knowledge with their peers. GetSetUp offers a wide range of classes (over 2,000 hours/week), through a senior-specific video platform optimized for ease of activation, user engagement and social connection.


"At Tivity Health, we've always believed that fitness means more than just physical activity – it is also important to stay mentally, intellectually and socially engaged," said Richard Ashworth, president and CEO, Tivity Health. "GetSetUp is the perfect solution to provide engaging, relevant content and an accessible platform designed specifically for seniors. This solution, along with our social engagement program, SilverSneakers Connect, are the most recent additions to our engagement platform, expanding beyond our industry-leading senior fitness options to provide a more holistic approach to healthy aging."    



"When we launched GetSetUp, we wanted to create a safe, secure place online for older adults to learn new skills and connect with others while engaging in mentally stimulating activities," said Lawrence Kosick, president and co-founder, GetSetUp. "We believe seniors have incredible wisdom and life experience and built GetSetUp to create a senior-specific video platform to bring this to life. Today, we have grown to three million users who engage in classes an average of two to five times per week, and we are excited to make these services available to SilverSneakers members and the Medicare Advantage plans that offer the program."

Eighty-seven percent of people 65 and over experience cognitive changes associated with normal aging. Physical activity is proven to improve cognitive function as people age through neuroplasticity, which allows the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust in response to new situations. Lifelong learning and mental enrichment are increasingly viewed as a protective strategy against commonly observed cognitive decline in the older population.

"Mental enrichment activities increase our enjoyment of life through the stimulation of learning and connecting with others, and they are also important to maintain brain health," said Kelly O'Brien, Executive Director, Brain Health Partnership for UsAgainstAlzheimers. "Research is increasingly pointing to the importance of strengthening brain health, maintaining cognitive function, and delaying or preventing the onset of Alzheimer's and dementia. Providing seniors with opportunities to engage their brains is an important part of healthy aging."

SilverSneakers is the nation's leading fitness provider for older adults, with almost thirty years of expertise supporting senior health and wellness. The program is offered to 18 million eligible members through more than 70 Medicare Advantage plans and in 2022 will offer access to more than 22,000 fitness locations nationwide. GetSetUp will be part of SilverSneakers' suite of virtual programming, which includes live with instructor fitness classes and workshops, an on-demand library of fitness and health improvement content, the SilverSneakers GO™ mobile application, SilverSneakers OnDemand and social engagement opportunities.


‍About Tivity Health

Tivity Health® Inc. (Nasdaq: TVTY) is a leading provider of healthy life-changing solutions, including SilverSneakers®, Prime® Fitness, WholeHealth Living® and Wisely Well™. We are focused on becoming the modern destination for healthy living. We will expand beyond fitness by establishing an engagement platform that enables personalized member interaction with all our offerings, and we will partner with other payors and service providers to aggregate services to seniors under the SilverSneakers umbrella. The continued development of our suite of digital offerings will enable a more tailored, interactive, and impactful experience across a variety of areas, including fitness, social connection, community involvement, volunteering, and enrichment. Learn more at

About GetSetUp

GetSetUp is the largest and fastest-growing online community of older adults with over 3 million members in 160 countries, who want to learn, stay active and connect. The GetSetUp platform helps older adults stay mentally and physically fit and creates engaging socialization opportunities to truly impact the social determinants of health. The platform offers live classes taught by peers who are experts in their field, social hours hosted by community members, and special events with speakers who directly address areas of interest to older adults. Classes are taught in English, Spanish, Hindi and Mandarin. Learn more at

May 23, 2022

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