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It's essential for older adults to keep up to date with technology especially for those looking to stay active with work, volunteering, or in the community. Learn five tips and tricks on how to keep up to date with technology.

Digital skills matter in almost all jobs in the modern workplace. The European Commission's ICT for work: Digital skills in the workplace study showed that most jobs require basic digital skills from entry-level positions to managers.

Digital skills employers seek

  • Communicate via email or social media
  • Creating and editing digital documents
  • Ability to search for information
  • Ability to protect personal information online.

So now more than ever those who are getting back into the workforce, starting a new volunteer project, or heading back to school need to make sure they are keeping up to date with technology.

The big question comes down to how do you end up keeping up to date with all the technology?

That’s simple you study, learn, and tinker just like you have forever! We don’t need new skills to learn as we age rather we need to find the right style that meets our needs for learning throughout our lifetime.

5 Great ways to improve your skills

  1. Explore New Technology - Keep up to date on the latest technology in your field. Ask others in your area or read about it on technology areas of your favorite news source. You can find tailored sites for your industry or read tech publications like Forbes Innovation or TechCrunch. Or you can watch video content on sites like The Verge or  WIRED.
  2. Play With Technology - The most important way to keep up to date with technology is to play with it and learn by doing. You have to get in there and make mistakes and explore. Read about a cool app then go to the App Store or Google Play and download it on your phone to play around with.
  3. Look Up Your Questions - When you have come to a point where you are stuck with a new technology google the problem. Look on message boards like Tech Support Guy or watch a video that helps to explain what you need. Most new tech will have tutorial videos on their website or see if your answer is on Edureka!
  4. Take a Class - The easiest way to learn new techniques and get your questions answered right away is by taking a class. So join classes or training in your local area or head over to GetSetUp and check out our online classes customized for older adults. .
  5. Enlist Help - If you still have questions enlist someone you know that understands the tech better. They can help mentor you through the initial steps. This should be your last resort if you really want to grasp the tech, but it's still a great step.

So remember the passion of discovering something new and explore. What new tool and technology will you be learning next?

Benefits of keeping up with technology

Keeping up with technology helps you in a myriad of ways. It helps you to be able to keep up with conversations around technology with your family and friends. Plus it provides something new to explore and learn that helps with brain health. Furthermore, for those who are thinking to be volunteering or working part-time, it can make a huge difference in the roles you get and even your pay.

Capital One and labor analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies analyzed 27 million online job postings and discovered that digital skills can be crucial door openers to job opportunities, career advancement, and higher wages.

So what are you waiting for isn’t it time you explored the latest technology?

Jun 17, 2022

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