Key Takeaways:

Before taking GetSetUp fitness classes, Syhamsundar suffered from depression and medical problems. Soon after establishing an exercise routine, he saw improvement in his mental and physical health, which compelled him to continue.


Before taking GetSetUp fitness classes, Shyamsundar suffered from depression and other medical problems. However, soon after joining GetSetUp, he established an exercise routine and immediately saw improvements in his mental and physical health, which compelled him to keep going. 

“There was some kind of inner voice that motivated me to continue my fitness journey.”

He’s lost 2kgs through exercising and developing healthier habits. He now goes to bed earlier and is making healthier food choices too. He practices intermediate fasting, eats more fresh fruit and vegetables, and follows an alkaline diet.

Gratitude classes have helped him improve his mental health and improve his relationships with others. He’s found he’s more patient than he used to be. 

“My wife and I would often argue over small details. After attending the wellness classes, I have learned to pause and think instead of immediately reacting. As a result, my relations have improved with both friends and family.” 

He’s grateful to the Guides for helping him improve his quality of life through positive affirmations and slow teaching methods. 

“GetSetUp teachers are like angels to us. First, they teach us and explain everything in detail with patience and dedication. Then, with experience and knowledge, they lead us to emotionally, physically, and mentally healthier living.”

Shyamsundar is not an exception to the rule. He’s a typical example of the incredible developments we find learners making every day. Shyamsundar came intending to improve his fitness and ended up with his well-being categorically impacted for the better. Making GetSetUp part of your life-long learning can positively impact all facets of your life - whether you are looking for it or not. 

May 18, 2022
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