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Virgil believes that people in his age group 58-62 from any walk of life would appreciate the GetSetUp community. He thinks this is a great opportunity for people to connect.

Virgil and his family.

After a long day at work at 8:30 PM, Virgil has time to connect. At 58 he is keeping busy between his duties as pastor at a Protestant Christian church, his role as CFO of a partnership firm, and as head of his family. Everyone is working from home now, his two sons and his wife who is a homemaker working, taking care of around three men working from home. The family resides in Mumbai, India.

“I am in the evening of my life so to speak, so for me, it is office, church, and family. We are traditionally a little conservative in nature, we don’t drink, smoke, or watch television," said Virgil.

Though that didn’t stop him from joining online to learn when his friend Binda, a GetSetUp Guide, introduced him to the new online classes available in India for older adults.

“She's into HR, yoga, soft skills, and motivation. So I attended 2 or 3 of her classes on creativity, sleep deprivation, and stress management on GetSetUp.”

His first class was on stress management techniques. A 60-minute interactive class that kept people engaged and involved. Next, he took a class on creativity. The class was interactive and worked with the learners around tuning into their creativity. All learners were given only 120 seconds to draw something using a circle and then share it with their peers.

“I’m not so good at drawing, but I drew a happy, sad, and angry face,” said Virgil, who enjoyed the interactive nature of the classes.

Screen shot of a GetSetUp class.

Another class Virgil enjoyed was storytelling. In this class, two volunteers were needed. Virgil offered to be one. The group saw a picture and the two volunteers had to weave a story, taking clues from the picture.

“There was a picture of a wooded forest place with leaves, greenery, and a village site. Together we started a story. The first volunteer started then I connected a bit to his story and we went back and forth to weave a story around the nice picture.”

The story was about nature and the village atmosphere throughout the seasons. While GetSetUp launched in India only about two weeks ago so far Virgil’s impression has been good. He’s eager to wait and watch what happens in the future as the community grows and thrives from the 7-8 people in classes now to larger classes in the future.

“I wish that more people get to know the concept and get involved,” said Virgil who continues to be involved.

Two days before he had a class on the basics of online banking with a lot of good information as he said and tomorrow he plans to attend a  class on the attitude of gratitude

Best of all Virgil is continuing to learn new and engaging things. His favorite class so far was on the Mona Lisa painting art work

“Anita did a good class on Mona Lisa. I could never relate to art though I've seen many artifacts and things. This class was particularly interesting.”

The class looked to see what it is about the Mona Lisa that makes her so popular, valuable, and important in art history.

“I am enjoying the sessions. I like to participate and be involved. Currently, it is in the early stages. It will take some time for people to join. Though it is a very good initiative, I appreciate it!”

Virgil believes that people in his age group 58-62 from any walk of life from professionals to homemakers or architects in any sector of society would appreciate the community. He thinks this is a great opportunity for people to connect.

Join your fellow peers in virtual classes to see the new learning opportunity for older adult life long learners and see what people are talking about!

May 16, 2022

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