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89-year-old Terry Tighe doesn't let age hold him back. He's on the golf course six days a week, and he carries his own clubs.

89-year-old golf enthusiast Terry Tighe.

Terry Tighe

Nationality: US

Commissioner of his golfing group, dubbed 'The Legendary Legends', Terry Tighe brings all the spunk to West Bend Country Club's weekly Men's day. "I named myself the Commissioner, they don't really have any choice. I make nicknames for everybody and arrange the teams every Thursday. The age group is anywhere from 65 to me, I'm the oldest one."

At 89, Terry hits the course at least six days out of the week. But, whether he drops in to practice on the driving range or chipping green, play the back nine, or embark on an entire loop of 18 holes, there is one consistency in Terry's game: he always walks, and he always carries his own bag.

"I enjoy walking when I'm playing golf. It gets me more into the game, rather than driving a cart which I hate. You can carry up to 14 clubs, but I only carry about nine, it makes my bag light. Primarily though, I like the exercise. That's why I love to walk." Terry says.

After swinging through over five decades, golf has become a cornerstone in Terry's schedule. "Golf is a great form of exercise when you aren't up for games like tennis or basketball. I've got great friends and a group of great people that I play with every week. Those relationships mean so much to me."

Terry's wife Vicky chimed in about his relationship with the game, "You wanna know what I love the most? I love when he goes out there to golf because it makes him so happy- and guess what. That makes me happy too. We have a lot to talk about when he gets home. I can hear how bad the game was or what everybody's saying and doing. So it's always good for me too. It runs through the whole family I think"

After years of serving as the men's day commissioner, a representative for the Evans Scholarship Foundation, and winning multiple junior and senior flight championships, Terry's relationship with the game remains simple. "Golf is a game you can play forever, I think, and it keeps you healthy, strong, and lets you be with people. What else can I say about golf? Well, that I love the game."

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This feature is written by GetSetUp Journalism Fellow Karissa Schumacker, student at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Jun 22, 2022

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