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Glenda loves working at GetSetUp for many reasons an opportunity to use her technology skills, learning a new tool, and that the customer at the end of the 60 minutes can DO something.

“I’m an experienced online instructor,” said Glenda our Guide in our Teacher Appreciation Spotlight today!

Glenda got her Masters in Education online when she was already over 50. Prior to that, she had used her undergraduate degree in business to work with consulting and technology. Over time, she realized she ended up training and helping people often. She decided to make the shift by taking a Masters in Education to an area in online education where she saw herself with the opportunity to have 20 some more years of teaching online in an environment that gives her flexibility.

GetSetUp is proud of our amazing Guides, who are retired reskilled seniors themselves, who are regularly helping adult learners 50+ to gain confidence in new technology, software, and apps. Glenda teaches classes such as how to build websites on Square Space, record videos on Youtube, Screencasting, and how to find exercise programs online.

Glenda said she loves working at GetSetUp for many reasons. According to her, “One of the things I love is that I get an opportunity to use more of my technology skills. I can use my love for technology and figuring out how to use a new tool. I also like the idea that the lesson objectives have to be met in the 60-minute class. The goal is that the customer at the end of the 60 minutes can do something, namely, they are able to use the tool.”

Learning is a lifelong process and that is one of the things that draws Glenda to GetSetUp and brings our customers in to continually learn! Glenda is a life-long learner herself and she said, “One of the things I love is that there are a lot of different skills you can use and there are a lot of opportunities for a Guide to continually learn.” She explained that one of her most recent opportunities to learn and give back to learners was by helping to put together a new class on how to use an iPad.

Glenda loves teaching others to learn. She thinks learning is a particularly important skill for the senior demographic because it gives them the opportunity to explore something new.

She said, “It is really important for seniors to be able to make those connections. It helps with cognition and memory. Also, it makes them feel that they can stay connected to their children and grandchildren, and they learn that many things that they are curious about are available to them.”

One such example of how Glenda has helped seniors explore new things was by teaching a class on how to take an online course. She said there are many options on Coursera that are free and available to seniors but they just have to learn how to participate in these activities. Activities like these provide seniors with goals, which can help keep them learning, a member of a community, and motivated!

According to a scientific report, published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and funded by AARP Foundation, 43% of US adults 60 or older reported feeling lonely. Online classes create community and can help provide outlets for seniors to battle loneliness through motivating goals and a shared student community.

Glenda says “I am considered a senior myself even though I’m at the younger end of senior. So it is really interesting and exciting to be working for GetSetUp. Not only do I get to play a part in maybe helping someone that is 10 or even 20 years older than me, but I also get to keep on learning new things. So it’s a win-win situation.”

Why not win with Glenda and check out her latest using an Ipad session?

We want to give a special thanks to Glenda for helping to teach a variety of our classes from learning how to find an online course, to how to find exercise programs online. She is making a difference in her community during these difficult times to help teachers adapt to remote learning through teaching screencasting and other tools. Furthermore, her patience, empathy, and support to create classes and help students feel confident with new abilities make her one of the essential unsung heroes of our times. We appreciate her hard work!

May 18, 2022

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