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Linda has always been creative. She started sewing when she was eight years old. Whether making jewelry, crafts, mosaics, or origami, she liked making things with her hands.

Then 20 years ago, she lost vision in her right eye. Fearing she'd never be able to be crafty again, she became depressed.  A project suggested by her husband was the unlikely antidote to her problems.

New beginnings

“My husband decided to redo the bathroom. We wanted to change the switch plate covers into something decorative. When I went to the local stores, I couldn't find anything I liked. So this motivated me just to buy plain outlet covers and get out my artist paints and paint them. When I was painting, I wasn’t thinking about my eye condition. It brought me out of my depression and I was slowly able to start doing creative things around the house.”

She eventually started sewing again. It was a difficult adjustment at first to sew with vision in only one eye. However, not only did she re-learn a beloved skill, but in 2004 she built a website and started a home business making custom-made memo boards and switch plates.

“Through my website, I got orders from all over. But, over time business dried up. So I had to reinvent myself because I didn't want to sit around the house and do nothing.”

Altering plans

She thought the next logical step was doing clothing alterations, but soon realized it would be easier to actually teach people to sew and do the alterations themselves, so she started Classes Offered in Aston.

“It's evolved into a sewing business. I feel just so lucky to be able to share my love of sewing.”

Her students range from five-year-olds to retirees, attending lessons in her bright and welcoming Florida room. In addition to sewing classes, she also teaches card-making and origami. But, her sewing classes are her most popular.

“Learning to sew is practical because I tell people they will be able to still use what they're working on with me in 30 years. I start people off with things like potholders and skillet handle covers. But, I also like to adapt the lessons to the needs of the students. One of my new students just wanted a cover for her Kindle, so we adapted the skillet handle cover to a Kindle cover.”

New tech skills

Linda enjoys taking GetSetUp classes, and her favorite so far has been learning to make GIFs from an instructor in India.

“Ever since that first class, I feel like it's really helped my business because I can show people a lot of pictures in ten seconds. People tell me that when they open my email they get instant gratification all in the blink of an eye with no words, just a picture telling a story. It blows me away that I could create this, and I owe it all to GetSetUp India.”

Linda has also learned to create Facebook ads with Facebook Business Manager and got ten leads within days of posting her first ad!

We’re excited to see how Linda’s business will continue to grow! Discover more GetSetUp business classes that will help you get your business off the ground or enhance the skills you already have. 

May 27, 2022
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