Key Takeaways:

This week's spotlight centers on two home-based business owners. Both ladies have their own unique take on their craft and are hoping to scale their businesses, one with baked goods and the other pre-made mixes.



Geita has always been fond of baking. Her brownies were always a big hit with friends and family. Her children often told her that her desserts were better than store-bought. And that’s how her journey began. During the pandemic, she started her home bakery, The Sticky Dough, which is all about making mouthwatering cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies, all packaged beautifully and delivered. Her orders are somewhat erratic - sometimes she’s flooded with requests while other times they’re few and far between. She hopes to learn how to market her business to a wider audience.



Bharathi’s passion for cooking and healthy eating led her to start her business, Bharathy's Jatpat Food, which makes ready-to-cook premixes: bisibele bath, dal fry, upma, pulav, and khichdi. All masalas are already added and instructions are included for how much water and vegetables should be used. Her goal is to make mixes that allow people who have hectic lifestyles to prepare healthy food at home with ease. She also makes healthy drinks using various ingredients that include plain, chocolate, and kesar badam (saffron almond) flavoring. Her business is small scale and she runs it out of her home, but she hopes to learn how to grow it in the Startup Accelerator classes.


Follow their progress with the Startup Accelerator Program.

Jun 14, 2022
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