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This week's Startup Accelerator Spotlight feature is on artists! Get to know these incredible entrepreneurs who are working in pattern design, painting, and jewelry making.

This week GetSetUp Startup Accelerator program moved into module 2, with classes relating to the strategy phase of business planning. From marketing, to funding, to acquisition, and more, you'll learn how to set and deliver on strategy for your budding business. Each week we'll spotlight some of the program's finalists. This week the focus is on artists and designers.


Startup Accelerator Program Cora.

Cora is a trained fashion designer interested in starting a business to sell accessories. These include handcrafted jewelry, hand-painted and printed scarves. She also wants to market casual and comfortable women's clothing, especially suited for women who are conscious of their weight, using flowing silhouettes and cuts that hide belly fat. She knows many other people in her area who are also creative and would like to form a craft collective with them. She would like to develop a website where she and others can market their products.


Startup Accelerator Program Neeta G.

Neeta is an artist who specializes in painting porcelain and bone china plates, vases, and tiles. She takes custom orders of her work through social media and word of mouth. Her paintings can be used for wall decor, so she's also interested in collaborating with interior decorators.


Startup Accelerator Program Stella L.

Stella is a multi-genre artist and designer. She specializes in surface pattern design and would like to license her work to fashion, homeware, apparel, and accessory buyers. She'd also like to set up an online shop for her print design products.

We believe entrepreneurship can be learned. Whether you begin with big dreams and a bare bones business plan, or an idea sketched out on a napkin, the Startup Accelerator focuses on helping your idea come to life.

Join in on the classes focused on business strategy and follow the progress of the Startup Accelerator entrepreneurs.

May 19, 2022
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