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GetSetUp’s Startup Accelerator Program is underway. Over the coming weeks, we will have four modules of classes designed to cover different phases of launching a business.

The GetSetUp Startup Accelerator Program is underway! 

Over the coming weeks, we will have four modules of classes, each designed to cover a different phase of launching a business or side hustle. We had over 400 applicants to our program and have selected 45 to participate in the Startup Accelerator Program. However, these classes are open also to anyone who is passionate to learn about starting their own business as well! 

In this first module, you'll find classes related to the planning and concept phase of your entrepreneurial pursuit. We will also include foundational skills classes throughout each module to ensure you have a well-rounded and solid tech foundation to help your business grow.

Module One: Concept and Planning

Startup Accelerator Project: Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Many people have ideas, but turning an idea into a successful business is challenging. The success or failure of a venture greatly depends upon the entrepreneur's mindset. In this class, we will discuss the pre-requisites for a successful entrepreneur's personality.

Create a Simple Business Plan

No matter how small or large your business idea is, it needs a concise business plan. In this class you will learn how to create a simple, but effective, one page business plan for your business.

Get Started With Gmail

Get set up to use gmail for your business. Learn how to create and receive emails, tips on how efficiently organize your inbox and how you can categorize the emails received through the right labeling.

Lady at computer working on her business plan.

Startup Accelerator Project: Pitch Your Big Idea Part 1

Startup Accelerator Project: Pitch Your Big Idea Part 2

Even an innovative and highly feasible idea can turn out to be a failure just because it wasn’t presented well to the stakeholders. In these classes, we will deal descriptively with the nuances of the right pitch.

Office Hours & Coaching with Kevin

In this class, GetSetUp Guide Kevin Miller will have time to discuss, strategize, and encourage each of you as you pursue your business or hobby. Bring your questions and ideas, and we'll discuss them.

GetSetUp offers many more classes to help you get your business started. Take a look at our Startup Accelerator: Concept and Planning series. And, be on the lookout for upcoming modules on strategy, creation, and systems. 

May 19, 2022
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