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“I love things that grow. Healthy things grow. I like that growth part of GetSetUp. . . . It fits into a need that was already there - people in isolation need to connect. . . . GetSetUp came along and is an extension of what I did before.”

Living in Tampa, Florida for the last thirty years, you may hear Kevin talking about the Buc’s big Superbowl win at his Social Hour. But more likely you will get to hear about how he’s always been an entrepreneur.

“Entrepreneurship has always been a part of me. I like to solve problems. I consider myself a disruptive solutionist. I like to come up with new ways to do things. Sometimes, it can be useful to break something in order to make it better.”

After studying marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship in college, Kevin began a career in sales. Although he was good at it, he didn't always believe in what he was selling. So, he decided to pursue a different career. He returned to school and earned a master's degree in Biblical Studies. He then spent 17 years in full-time ministry, before deciding he was ready to do something else. He then went on to start his own business consulting with nonprofits, businesses, and ministries. He loves to take complex things and make them simple. So he is always looking for new ways to help teach people and inspire change.

“I found GetSetUp pretty early on and was intrigued by the idea. Out of curiosity, I reached out to see what was involved. Then I created a test class How a Smartphone Can Help Simplify Your Life.”

This is still the class that Kevin teaches the most. Since his initial class, he’s added a number of new classes to his roster. These new classes include Getting the Most out of Your Smartphone, How to Use Flipboard, and How to Get Organized Using Evernote.

“My favorite classes aren’t based on the content. It’s when I have smaller, more intimate classes with learners who turn on their cameras and talk. Groups where people enjoy the opportunity to get together and engage.”

Taking the complex and making it simple

Kevin strives to make things simple in all the classes he teaches.

“I like to make things simple. I’m on task, but very flexible to the needs of the class. I always have content but I am not so bent on learners hearing my planned class, but rather I’m here to help them. Personally, I want them to feel encouraged with the idea “You can do it you have a lot to offer!” My goal is that learners leave the class to go and do something with their new skills and confidence. I’m trying to help people become their best and support them in their process.”

Kevin likes to teach classes that add value to learner’s lives with a smile, laugh, and a good feeling of confidence. With each new class, he teaches he also knows he improves his teaching by being able to anticipate common questions and concerns.

Growing with GetSetUp

Kevin has worked with GetSetUp since the summer of 2020 so he has witnessed firsthand its growth.

“It’s been great. I love startups. I love things that grow. Healthy things grow. I like that growth part of GetSetUp. I love the timing of it with COVID.  It fits into a need that was already there - people in isolation's need to connect. I’ve used technology forever. I used Zoom before anyone knew what it was. It’s neat that GetSetUp came along and is an extension of what I did before.”

While GetSetUp is just one of many things Kevin does, he looks forward to the classes he teaches each week. His ease with technology was why he was one of our first Guides to be featured on our Facebook Live events.

To learn more about Kevin like his Team C2C (Coast 2 Coast) cycling event he started 28 years ago, the triathlons he competed in, and his love for the beach and boating, join Kevin's Startup Accelerator: Concept and Planning. Here he shares his insights from multiple business to help you preparing your next business ideas! You can also sit in on the

May 19, 2022

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