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Classes on iCloud, Google tools, and social media have helped Sandra to enhance her Airbnb listings.


Sandra will be 75 this year and spends her time between Michigan and California. She found out about GetSetUp through her niece, who had already gotten her mother involved.

“I was interested in what GetSetUp had to offer. It’s hard to keep up with all the social media stuff. So, I wanted to try and see if I could at least get on Instagram or understand the differences between that and Twitter.”

Sandra started with social media but soon enjoyed learning more about the devices in her home.

“I loved the idea that I could keep up a bit better with my smartphone. Plus Donna’s class on streaming was great. I have learned how to use my computer and TV better. It’s really been great for me to keep updated.”

Sandra is a former graphic designer, so she knew the hardware pretty well. However, she struggled to understand the new software and online apps.

“I had a great background with a computer but wasn’t keeping up. GetSetUp has really helped me get caught up. The Guides are so committed and dedicated. It’s amazing - their energy is contagious.”

She was able to really learn a lot about marketing from Guide Kevin.

“I was on the back fence about marketplaces online. My husband works with woodwork and my niece does jewelry. I wanted to understand how the virtual marketplace worked.”

Sandra is considering using these in the future, but they also help her understand marketing better. Currently, she does property management for her family's Airbnb listings. The property rentals have kept her busy, especially with the pandemic. Classes on iCloud, Google tools, and social media have helped Sandra to enhance her Airbnb listings. She now knows how to make them accessible to a wider audience.

“I integrated a lot of the skills the Guides taught straight into our Airbnb posts.”

Initially, Sandra had some hesitations to use these tools as she believed it was overwhelming trying to understand how they worked. But, she had a Gmail account and wanted to use iCloud for pictures with her listing.

“Learning these skills opened up all these windows and doors for me into the Google world and more.”

Instead of being confused by the 12 Google icons, Sandra knows what they all are and can confidently use those that most apply to her. She thinks her knowledge of online tools, apps, and software has doubled thanks to the help of GetSetUp classes.

Pursuing self-development

While it is great to learn new skills to help with her Airbnb listings, Sandra is also enjoying lifelong learning.

“Self-development that’s been my thing. I'm a very curious person and I think learning is the key to everything. There are so many opportunities on the site and I find them refreshing. Each and every one of them - every time.”

Sandra recently started a decluttering class to help her get rid of clutter. She thinks Guide Carol has given her excellent references, for small tasks that give big results. Her current goal is to get rid of just three inches of paperwork a day. She thinks this will help her cut down on some of the unnecessary real estate documents she has laying around.

“I feel like I'm connected now, and back then I wasn’t. GetSetUp was a wonderful way for me to get there.”

When there were more pandemic restrictions Sandra spent lots of time on GetSetUp.

“I really got hooked there when we couldn't go anywhere or do anything. GetSetUp was my home away from home. It certainly kept my glass half-full and gave me something to look forward to in a time when we were really stuck. Classes pulled me through a lot of the pandemic’s horror show.”

Sandra has tried lots of different classes. She truly loves the ability to travel through virtual travel classes, since travel is limited now. Plus the options for alternative exercises when her local pool was closed helped her stay active.

While she prefers swimming, she currently has a knee injuring that’s limiting her mobility. So, some of the chair exercise classes may help her stay accountable for the knee exercises she needs to do to assure recovery.

“The nice thing is the follow-up to booking classes. It lets you put it right in your calendar. And the reminders are really helpful. The whole platform is very organized, more so than any other online thing I've ever done.”

Beyond fitness, Sandra is pursuing writing classes and art drawing to explore some of her passions further.

“I realized in a recent art class that the best way to express myself is with pastels so I'm going to pursue those. The pastels really speak to me.”

Plus, GetSetUp classes have even helped her to enjoy her vacation by giving her foundation knowledge for wine tasting with her nieces.

“The wine tasting class inspired me last year. We couldn’t get out very much, but I had some nieces who wanted to do something. So we went to wine country in California and Michigan. I remembered the Guide’s mannerisms and ways of enjoying the wines. I don't think I would have enjoyed the wines on our trip as much if I hadn't taken those classes.”

May 20, 2022

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