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"Not only are [GetSetUp] classes educational it gives the seniors something to look forward to even after this pandemic is over. Being able to take classes, to ask questions, and share with each other is important.”

Rosie is a retired nurse living in Las Vegas. She first heard about GetSetUp through an email from her local Southern Nevada YMCA. She liked the sound of these classes and joined a few sessions to check them out.

“It’s been somewhat of a lifesaver in a sense with the coronavirus.”

Her first class was on Zoom because she wanted to enhance her skills with this tool. She already uses it with her Taking Off The Pounds Sensibly Group that meets weekly. After one GetSetUp class, she became a regular learner. She found so many interesting classes that were useful.

“I learn something from each class - something I didn’t know and something I’m curious about.”

She has been able to take this knowledge and share it with others. Her Taking Off The Pounds Sensibly Group originally had 22 seniors in it but only 7 regularly attend virtual classes. She thinks with all the challenges of the pandemic for many people it's been just a struggle to focus on the energy of surviving this difficult time.

“People are at home and are isolated, so it is so helpful to have somewhere like GetSetUp to reach out to and learn new information.”

That’s why she has been sharing the site with her group members, her local health plan, and other organizations. She knows not all seniors feel comfortable with technology but for those willing to try, it can really open up a whole new world for them to explore.

Learning skills you didn't know you didn't know

She took the Healthy Meals on a Budget class and loved the tips and tricks so much she shared the notes from the class with her group.

“There was part of the class that showed you where you can go online to find sales. I wasn’t aware you can see supermarket sales on a site. This was a very good class.”

She also took classes on Conquering Negative Thinking and Setting Goals.

“Since I lead a group around goals I wanted to get more feedback and hear the challenges that other people are facing. Learning how to set our goals, keep them, and overcome obstacles, from the class and others' feedback in the class is helpful for me to help my group.”

Technology just takes practice, practice, and more practice

Rosie looks forward to when her whole group can be together again to share these resources. She feels many seniors are afraid to use technology. Though she knows it is just a matter of practicing over and over again.

"Unfortunately, sometimes older people buy into stereotypes that they can't use technology. That's not true. They just need to learn how to simplify it. Not only are classes educational it gives the seniors something to look forward to even after this pandemic is over. Being able to take classes, to ask questions, and share with each other is important.”

One of the benefits of GetSetUp classes is that learners enter classes with a variety of skills. Classes are supportive and empowering no matter watch level the learner is at. Plus they try to diversify the class to appeal to all learning styles.

“I’m the type of person that likes to go to the class. Sharing isn’t my strong point. I like to say here’s the situation and give me some answers. I like to learn how to make things better as a whole. I want something to work with, to hear a human experience that gives me some solutions.”

One of the great things is that classes allow for opportunities to learn from the Guide and from fellow participants that might have important insights. Sometimes they offer tips for solving a problem or practical solutions that have worked for them.

“I think the classes are rewarding in the sense that people that normally wouldn’t have a forum a place to express themselves. People, who feel isolated and alone, know they aren’t alone. There is support and information you can tap into if you need it on GetSetUp.”

One of the interest groups that Rosie found particularly enlightening was the one on the Law of Attraction.

“This is a great class in the sense of reminding us where our thoughts go our actions go. It helps us remember to rethink the way we think. How do you incorporate that into your everyday life? It doesn’t matter how long you live if aren’t enjoying living. One thing I tell my group is that at any age you have a purpose. So you have to find out what is going on, place value on yourself and who you are, and go after what you are meant to do.”

Rosie gives us all time to pause and reflect. What is it you are meant to be doing? What passion and value do you want to pursue? What tools do you have or need to make it happen?

Perhaps one of the classes on GetSetUp can help you reach your purpose!

May 20, 2022
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