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Roda K. reflects on lifelong learning, gratitude, and community.

Roda K.

Roda is a 69-year-old retired business owner living in Chennai. There wasn’t much to do during the lockdown other than scroll the internet. That’s when she discovered GetSetUp, and it opened a new world of opportunity.

“GetSetUp offers knowledge, and knowledge is power! When you are learning something new, you feel good. It changes your lifestyle and attitude. I’ve learned simple, ordinary changes that significantly impact my life by listening to others. GetSetup makes it simple to participate comfortably. Who knew chair yoga existed? But it’s fun!”

One of the first classes she took was about being a good listener. She soon signed up for more - metaphysics, kitchen hacks, nutrition, singing, and quizzes and games. She’s enjoying acquiring new skills.

“It’s a nice feeling to learn new things, and you meet people like you on a platform where you are sitting in the comfort of your home. I am so happy to have something to look forward to. Every day I wake up and say, “What’s my next class? What am I going to do today?” Which is amazing. It’s nice to be taught by peers.”

One of the skills she’s most proud of learning is drawing.

“I cannot draw at all. But one day, I thought, let’s try out a Mandala class. I was amazed at what I drew! And then, I started doing Zentangle, doodling, and tribal art. Before these classes, I thought I couldn’t draw to save my life!”

New knowledge isn’t the only thing Roda enjoys about GetSetUp.The community means a lot to her.

“We are like a close family that meets every day in the same classes. Everyone asks how you are, why you missed a class, and it feels like I’m back at university! And if you don’t go, you regret missing the class.”

Her life advice:

“We have only one life, and you have to live every day to the fullest. Age is only a number. I proved this by competing in athletics at the age of 65. I’ve won 30 gold medals. So I’m a happy 18 year old with 51 years of experience! My advice to everyone is get on GetSetUp and live it up!” 

May 24, 2022
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