Key Takeaways:

  1. How GetSetUp reignited Martha's passion for travel and learning.
  2. The freedom of retirement is enriched by diverse GetSetUp classes.
  3. Martha's commitment to health and technology classes enhances her quality of life.

From the tranquil setting of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Martha, a retiree at 60, shares her remarkable journey with GetSetUp. Having navigated life's challenges, Martha found solace and excitement in embracing new adventures through the platform.

A New Chapter Begins

Retirement ushered in a new phase of Martha's life, marked by newfound freedom and a thirst for discovery.

" I retired from my role as a head cashier," Martha reflects. "But retirement wasn't an end; it was a beginning."

Despite facing challenges, including a knee injury and navigating a rapidly changing workplace environment, Martha remained resilient. Her retirement enabled her to focus on personal interests and engage in activities that brought her joy.

“GetSetUp has gotten me back in the groove.” As a former competitive swimmer, Martha missed exercising. “It’s nice to sweat, march, and get my pulse up.  I like to get involved in the classes,  if I have a question, I put comments in the chat. Some of the classes have up to 400 people virtually exercising!” 

Discovering GetSetUp

Martha's introduction to GetSetUp came through her SilverSneakers membership, a part of her new Humana healthcare plan, which she gained access to upon becoming eligible for Medicare.

"Since January, I've been exploring the diverse classes offered by GetSetUp through my SilverSneakers plan," Martha shares. "It's been a wonderful journey of discovery."

Initially drawn to fitness classes, Martha soon found herself exploring a wide range of topics, from technology tutorials to meditation sessions. GetSetUp became her go-to platform for both physical and mental enrichment.

“Classes have just sucked me in, and I love doing them. They are particularly great because I can’t always get out. I have a community gym and do a lot of walking, but with GetSetUp classes, I can do three classes right in a row without leaving the house.”

A Regular at Fitness Sessions

For Martha, the workout sessions on GetSetUp provided a sense of routine and vitality. Despite her physical limitations after her brain injury, she has found ways to engage and stay active on GetSetUp.

"I make a schedule and fill it with GetSetUp classes," Martha explains. "It helps keep me moving and motivated."

From jump fitness movements to core conditioning and stretching exercises, Martha embraced each session with enthusiasm, relishing the opportunity to improve her physical well-being. She appreciates that the classes have different levels of intensity. As a former athlete, she knows many exercises but needs to adapt to strengthen her left side, which is now weaker than the right. 

“Normally, I don’t like doing chair exercises. I was surprised, though, in one class, the instructor got me sweating in a seated class. I was amazed that I could get my heart rate up enough to sweat while sitting.” 

Beyond Physical Fitness: A World of Learning

GetSetUp's impact on Martha extended beyond exercise; it became a gateway to continuous learning and personal growth.

"I've learned new skills and discovered new hobbies through GetSetUp," Martha shares. "From watercolor painting to other art classes, the platform has expanded my horizons. I even tried line dancing!"

Martha also found value in the technology classes, which helped her navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

"The technology classes have been particularly helpful," Martha emphasizes. "They've made me feel more comfortable using my devices and staying connected with loved ones."

The GetSetUp Difference

For Martha, what sets GetSetUp apart is its sense of community and support. She’s really enjoyed connecting with people in classes like meditation in addition to exercise classes. 

"The instructors are knowledgeable and patient," Martha remarks. "They create a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and supported."

Martha also appreciates the flexibility of the platform, allowing her to access classes at her convenience and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Recommendation and Final Thoughts

Martha wholeheartedly recommends GetSetUp to others in her age group, highlighting its positive impact on physical and mental well-being. 

“I'm not that computer literate, and GetSetUp has been easy to get into and get on,” said Martha. She enjoys that classes allow her to stay organized with regular reminders and the ability to add classes to her Google calendar to help her plan her day. 

"I have nothing but good things to say about this program," Martha affirms. "It's been a lifeline for me, especially during challenging times."

As Martha continues to explore new interests and embrace life's adventures, GetSetUp remains a trusted companion, enriching her retirement journey with opportunities for learning, connection, and personal fulfillment.

Mar 8, 2024
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